Colby Lewis, Chris Gimenez have surgery. Beltre torn ligament. Mike Napoli, Gallardo

Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis had surgery on Friday to clean up his torn meniscus in his left knee. Lewis had pitched with it for much of the second half of the season.

General manager Jon Daniels admitted that third baseman Adrian Beltre has a torn ligament in his left thumb. Surgery is a distinct possibility but a final decision has not been made.

Catcher Chris Gimenez has cleanup surgery on his right shoulder and Carlos Corporan had surgery on his left thumb.

Daniels said the Rangers have interest in re-signing Mike Napoli as the Rangers need right-handed hitting

The Rangers are planning to offer Yovani Gallardo a $15.8 million qualifying offer.


TR, what do you think will happen with Ross Ohlendorf? Loved that windup and the stuff he featured too.

Is this just “going through the motions” with Gallardo to get the draft pick or do they really feel they need/want him to return? Although I think re-signing Napoli would be nice, I wonder if it would be enough action for him as a Ranger.

They want the pick. He’ll want a multi year contract. If he were to surprise them by accepting the offer it would not be catastrophic by any means. They could very easily trade him for more developed taken than they’re likely to get in the draft.

I agree hefe. It’s win win for everyone. If he returns, we have great depth in our starting pitching. If not, we have the draft pick and 15.8 mil to use elsewhere.

Is it just me or is anyone else hungry for 2016. Man this was a roller coaster of a year but it was fun and I want more. I think the best is yet to come.

Very excited for next season. Looking forward to Perez’s continued development among many other things.

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