Hamilton is in left for now

HOUSTON – The Rangers need to know if Josh Hamilton can play left field. The process began on Saturday when he started in left for the first time since Aug. 15 and just over two weeks after having cleanup surgery on his left knee.
“I am as ready as I am going to be,” Hamilton said before the Rangers game with the Astros. “This was the goal. It won’t be a whole game, five or six innings and hopefully three at-bats. I can start building up over the next week or so and treat it like Spring Training.”
Hamilton went on the disabled list on Aug. 16 because of continued soreness in his left knee. He was activated at the beginning of September as a pinch-hitter but finally decided to have surgery on Sept. 11.
“It is not the same pain as before, it is a functional pain,” Hamilton said. “I can do what I have to do. It hurts but I’m okay with that. Before, the pain wasn’t going to work. That was the whole goal, to get it to where it would work.”
The Rangers acquired Hamilton from the Angels on April 27 while he was still recovering from off-season shoulder surgery and activated him on May 25. But this was just his 28th start in left field as he missed almost all of June with a strained left hamstring and miss time on other occasions because of a sore groin muscle.
“We know how the body feels,” manager Jeff Banister said. “We know there are going to be some definite calculated risks with all of it. But it feels good enough to get out on the field and play, and we need him out on the field and playing. He is a guy who can impact the game for us.
“He’s still day to day based on how he feels. We are at the point where we need to find out how it’s going to go.”
The Rangers have been using Mike Napoli in left field but replacing him on defense after 5-6 innings with Will Venable. The Rangers will start out doing the same with Hamilton.
“It depends on the game and where we are at,” Banister said.


“It ain’t over til it’s over!” Yogi Berra. Banister has to realize these playoff games are going to come down to the last batter. The Angels are battling. This will help our team if we win the division. My opinion is our failure to win yesterday, will result in us being a wild card team. I hope we win today, but if we don’t we are in trouble! “it’s like Deja Vu all over again.” The 2011 teams failure to win game six cost us the series! How do you take out Hamilton when he has hit two homeruns already?

Stuff it d’god

Right there with ya Mary.

Obama voters and band wagoner’s who probably just jumped off the Longhorns bandwagon!

Grousing malcontent who wanted to cut Cherinos.

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