Rangers announce 2016 schedule

The Rangers will open the 2016 season at home, hosting the Mariners on Monday April 4. A three-game series with the Mariners begins the 2016 season for the Rangers according to the schedule that was released by Major League Baseball on Tuesday.

In Interleague Play, the Rangers will have two-game home and home series with the Reds and Rockies. The Rangers will also host the Brewers (Sept. 26-28) and Pirates (May 27-29) for three-game series while traveling to play the Cubs (July 15-17) and Cardinals (June 17-19).

The Yankees will be in Arlington on April 25-27 while the Red Sox visit on June 24-26. The Rangers will be in Boston on the Fourth of July.

With 15 teams in each league, interleague play will take place throughout the entire regular season for the fourth straight year. Clubs will again play 19 games against division opponents (76 total games) and either six or seven contests vs. nondivisional league opponents in home and home series (66 total games). Each club will also play 20 interleague games, ten at home and ten on the road.

The Rangers will play 19 times each against A.L. West Division opponents Houston, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Seattle.

This will mark the 25th time in 45 seasons that the Rangers have opened at home, the sixth in the last eight years. It will be the third time on which the Rangers have opened with the Mariners, winning at the Kingdome in 1992 and losing at Safeco Field in 2008.

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