Reviewing the review…umpires were right

That neighborhood play on Friday night?

Somebody got it right. If you look at the review, Mariners shortstop Ketel Marte made the play with every intent of trying to turn a double play. He didn’t throw to first because he saw he had no chance. But that appeared to be his intent as he took the throw and his foot came off the bag.

That should constitute a neighborhood play. The call should have stood as it did.


For a team that seriously undervalues catchers, Gimenez and Wilson are playing well and the team is too! Both appear to be better catchers than Chirinos and Corporon. Let them play and either trade or send the others to AAA.

Baseball is slow enough! The constant stepping out of the batter’s box, and off the pitching mound, the mound visits, the warm ups between innings. Boring. Is it really any wonder why Football, Basketball and Hockey are all more exciting to watch? I like to watch my son play, I played myself. But sometimes it is like watching paint dry on a wall. Something must be done to speed up the game. How about Nascar Headsets for the pitchers to speak to the pitching coach from the dugout? Make the batter get into the box and tell the pitcher to throw the ball towards home plate?

And while you are at it. Can someone tell these players, that I don’t need to see them grab their crotches?

….and D’god kills the column again.

Off topic, off base, just plain wrong…. again.

Looking at their careers it’s hard to imagine anyone making a case for Giminez or Wilson being better than Cherinos but backing up his foolish comments with facts has never been this fella’s strong suit, has it?

It takes a warped logic to chastise a franchise for devaluing catchers then suggesting they rid themselves of the best catcher currently in the organization. Some things never change.

Ain’t America Great today? I remember when we used to say, I may not agree with what that person says, but I will defend their right to say it! Now it is I don’t like with what they are saying, they are wrong, they are off topic and I will do everything in my power to ostracize, terminate, limit what they are saying. Get a grip these are just statements, someone’s else’s opinions. I have the right to say it, will continue to do so. Please remember THERE CAN BE NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH WITHOUT THE FREEDOM TO OFFEND!

I guess it’s easier to play the victim card than to back up your foolish statements.

So….what you’re saying is that you are intentionally making irrational, off topic, off base, and just plain wrong statements because you have the freedom to offend. I’m surprised D’god that you’ve taken such a liberal stance here. No one has done anything but call you out on the idiotic and inconsistent things you say. No one has blocked you or impeded your right to say it. You should probably take your own advice and get a grip. Your opinions are answered by the opinions of others. That’s all. If you can’t handle a bunch of people disagreeing with you, maybe you should move on…..maybe to the Angels’ blog. They are providing plenty of ammunition for your kind of negative juices. But, stay here if you want. Your freedom is intact.

Meanwhile, how can it be that this team is in the middle of a pennant race and the beat writer’s blog has no new entries since August 8? C’mon Mr. Sullivan. Please give us some fodder! :)

BTW…..THIS is the Derek Holland we’ve all been waiting for!!!!! He looked like an ace yesterday!

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