Napoli coming back… Why?

The Rangers are getting Mike Napoli back from the Red Sox.

Not sure why they are getting Napoli but an announcement is expected tonight.

The Rangers could use catching help but Napoli hasn’t caught since 2012.

He can play first base. Mitch Moreland plays first base.

He is a right-handed bat. He has more experience than Ryan Strausborger and Ryan Rua but can’t play their positions.

He is hitting .229 against left-handed pitching. He is hitting .267 with a .533 slugging percentage so he has been swinging the bat better.

He is a winner. He is experienced. He has been productive in the past. It will be interesting to see how the Rangers fit him in.


I bet Choo sits a lot now with Moreland playing RF against LHP

Maybe. Moreland might go to left with Hamilton swinging over to right.

I suppose that he will play 1B against lefties with whom Moreland has trouble. I wish the Rangers could let him catch again. It never was clear to me whether or not Napoli liked catching when he was with whom he Rangers before.

Low batting average aside, he still draws walks and hits homeruns off lefties to the tune of an 845 OPS this season. Easily better than Moreland, Choo and Hamilton (.672, .575, .671, respectively).

He gives the Rangers what they lost when Kyle Blanks got hurt. I wish Ryan Rua had stepped up and asserted himself in that role. But he hasn’t yet.

It was clear to those with any Baseball knowledge in early April that this team was in DIRE NEED of a right handed power bat to protect Beltre. DANIELS made a huge mistake not keeping Cruz and Napoli. The window has closed and all Daniels wants to do is relive the past. Remember the team I put together that put us in the World Series? Well without the “boomstick” it won’t be the same! I love Napoli, glad he is here, listening to Daniels and the huge praise he is doling out to him kinda makes you wonder why they let him leave in the first place.

The Rangers needed a right handed power bat! That’s why! Moreland can play the outfield and Choo can go to the bench. If Napoli hits 5 home runs before the end of the season and helps the Rangers win some games then this is a good deal. In my opinion the Rangers need to win the Division outright, that is the best bet, aim high then if you fall short and make the wildcard then ok. Would still love to see Upton in RF next year, Choo gone, a couple of more bullpen pitchers then 2016 is looking good.

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