Rangers put Scheppers on DL

Right-hander Tanner Scheppers was placed on the 15-day disabled list Sunday with left knee inflammation.
The Rangers recalled right-hander Phil Klein from Triple-A Round Rock to fill the void.
Scheppers is 4-1 this season with a 5.66 ERA in 38 appearances. He was charged with a blown save Saturday in a loss to the Giants when he allowed hits to all three batters he faced in the eighth inning.


Was he hurt before he went out or did he get hurt during the game? I believe he has some inflammation going on near his gluteus maximus, because his A#s (rear end) got lit up last night! Kinda convenient he comes up with this knee injury just after his ego and pride got knocked around. Again the bottom line, is how is it that a committed fan sitting on the couch can predict Scheppers is going to surrender the two run lead? Bannister cost us the game last night, boneheaded move! Again we must win between 35 to 40 games to probably get the wild card out of 60. You can’t give games away that you have won by your own moves. Don’t give the other teams outs, don’t walk batters, don’t put in fire starters. The last time I checked Bochy and the Giants have won 3 World Series Titles over the past decade.

The pitching staff and Manager need to get their act together also. Sheppers can’t just give up 1 hit, he gives them up in bunches. There needs always to be a second pitcher available almost ready, when Sheppers goes into the game. If he gets the first man out he will do fine, if not,, bring the second man in immediately!!!

Scheppers needs a Psychologist!

Is Jeff BAKER coming to shake hands after he clears waivers?

Scheppers needs to go period, he’s cost us 3 games I know of and who knows how many more close calls… Mitch Moreland pitched better than him …

From your experience d’god Scheppers needs a shrink. Well
i believe that. it scares me that you ,don’t listen to your shrink more.

A psychologist and a psychiatrist are two different things Shipley! That’s why one is called a PSYCHOLOGIST the other PSYCHIATRIST. Get a grip!

Trying to contact you, Mr. Sullivan

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