Rangers option Kela, place Chirinos on DL

The Rangers optioned reliever Keone Kela to Double-A Frisco and placed catcher Robinson Chirinos on the 15-day disabled list with a strained left shoulder on Saturday.

The moves clear roster space for new acquisitions Cole Hamels and Sam Dyson. Bobby Wilson will start at catcher Saturday.


Can anyone explain why the Rangers’ manager brought in Scheppers tonight? It was apparent to most of us what the outcome would be. It seemed so unfair to intentionally take away Hamels’ hard fought win. I am beginning to question Banister’s competence.

I am still watching the 11th inning to see if the insult is complete with a loss for the team.

I agree Handlin. If we at home sitting on the couch now what is about to transpire, how is it the “MANAGER” doesn’t. After Scheppers gave up that first hit, he should have been removed! For some reason or another Scheppers is snake bit right now. When he comes in it is like putting gasoline on a fire! If Scheppers isn’t sent down to the minors to work on his pitch selection and location then something is rotten in Denmark. Kela is a far better talent and seems to have the right mindset. Maybe he just wanted to pitch two pitchers back to back that had been involved in bar fights! Don’t really know! This team still needs at least two more bullpen pitchers which doesn’t include Scheppers. Did anyone else see Hamels remove Maddux’s hand from his shoulder. Maddux said hey, I have been looking for one guy who had the nutz to remove it. The ace has arrived, hopefully the next time the skipper comes out he will say, if you are thinking about putting in that guy who got sucker punched in the bar in Cleveland then I ain’t coming out. I want to win, I thought you were supposed to facilitate that? Diekman or Dyson has to come in after Hamels leaves. If that happens, the Rangers win in 9 innings. How many games has Bannister lost for this team this year while learning on the job? We aren’t going to get back in the race by giving games away. This team is going to have to win between 35 to 40 games out of 60 to get in. It ain’t gonna happen when the “leader” is making boneheaded decisions like bringing in Scheppers…..How is this guy still on the roster? Is he really better than FELIZ?

I respect Jeff as the manager but with scheppers track I feel he is the one that should have been optioned not kela..

Bring kela back up what are you doing wave goodbye to schepp until he figures out how to pitch.! Thanks.

Why was Kela sent down? I never have heard or read an explanation.

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