From Cole Hamels press conference…

Cole Hamels speaks… here is what he is saying courtesy of Cash Kruth

On Philly:

I can’t thank you enough for that. It’s been one of the most joyous experiences for, not only myself, but my family’s been able to be a part of. Raising my family here, it’s been special, and we’ll continue to do so. … The support you guys have given us, it’s monumental.

Weight off shoulders:

It’s a long process. I think sometimes you don’t necessary want it to be. I’ve always wanted to be here and fight. The Fightin’ Phils, that’s what I’ve always wanted to do and I didn’t ever want to be counted out. But I understand this is the nature of this and this happens and you just have to accept it.

On Rangers:

I’m excited to start the next chapter in my baseball life. It’s something where they have a lot of great players. I’ve followed a lot of those players, I’ve played against a lot of them. Knowing there’s always a chance, especially in that league. You can put on a good roll. I’m hoping to be a part of that and I’m excited for that. To be part of something special there, to live up to what I know and what I expect, it’s something I’m ready to do.


It’s just long. They have a job to do. I’m not in those negotiations, nor should I be. It’s just me siting back and waiting until that decisive moment and then being available if someone needs me from my end. They’re the ones that have the difficult part.

It’s difficult. You don’t ever want to say no to anybody. I know there’s going to be a point in every baseball player’s life were you’re going to fight for that last job, that last year. … [The no-trade clause] is more like a free-agent contract. I have four years left. Those were the details involved, and this happened and this was an area that it our criteria and we’re ready to start that chapter.

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The Phillies are stupid! Amaro should be fired. While he is to be applauded for the haul he got for HAMELS. He should be crucified for taking on at least $35 Million on Harrison’s contract. When you add in the 9.5 million the Phillies are sending this way then you are in the 44.5 million! They were on the hook for about $84.75 million for Hamels if they bought him out in 2019. Essentially they are saving about $40.25 million dollars over the next 4.5 years, about 10.06 million a year savings in getting rid of Hamels. Not sure what they are thinking. Hamels is better than Harrison. The only thing they can be thinking is using insurance money to pay the remainder of Harrison’s contract once he realizes he is done and can’t pitch anymore!

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