Klein optioned, Rodriguez DFA, Edwards, Claudio called up

The Rangers have optioned pitcher Phil Klein to Triple A and designated Wandy Rodriguez for assignment.

The Rangers have called up pitchers Alex Claudio and Jon Edwards from Triple A.

Cole Hamels is still with the Phillies. People are now saying that the Rangers are the favorites…whatever that means.

Jon Daniels only communique with the media on Wednesday was an announcement around noon that “I’m hungry.”

We are under 48 hours.

Wandy Rodriguez did a nice job as a starter for the Rangers. They will try to trade him…


Daniels is an idiot! You don’t give up your # 4, 5, 6, 17th and 29th overall rated players for one guy! The Rangers missed their window when they failed to re-sign Lee! This team needs bullpen depth and a right handed hitting power bat. You never, never ever trade good young pitching! Ok with Harrison being dealt, a salary dump, but they paid far too much and appear to UNDERVALUE the catching position! This team sorely is missing a player the caliber of Nelson CRUZ and they better find someone like him and quickly! This is your father’s Ranger’s “team” Impatient, reaching and STILL dealing young pitchers! What a joke! You can’t tell me that three top players wouldn’t have gotten this done. Stinks of desperation! Desperate times call for desperate measures. When does Mikey Young takeover as GM?

Yes, 3 top players would’ve gotten this deal done but it would’ve had to include at least two of their top 3 prospects. As it is they have a top of the roation pitcher locked up for 3 years and still have Gallo, Gonzalez and Mazara. I seem to remember you saying that Ranger prospects were overvalued and they never produced anyway. So, which is it? Are they valuable commodities to be hoarded or are they fools gold that was never going to develop anyway?

It doesn’t take any intelligence to play both sides of the fence.

way to tell ‘um Hefe. It looks like I’m watching Ranger games for the foreseeable future rather than playing slots of gold. Thanks JD…good job!

Hey Hefe, looks like you need to get back on your meds! The Rangers dumped $35 million by trading Harrison. They now need to get rid of CHOO’S contract, trade Andrus, go get UPTON, PUIG or Cespedes and add at least 3 good bullpen pitchers.

So you’re against trading young talent but you want them got get Puig how exactly……….? Doesn’t sound like you’ve thought this out. At all.

Waaaaaaaai a second. The window closed when they failed to sign Clif Lee? I could’ve sworn that Texas was one out away from winning a World Series the year AFTER that. As usual you never let the facts never get in your way…

D’god has never made and sense. What constantly scares me about him is that as a policeman he’s our defense…jeez! “never ever trade pitching”….looks like Philly just violated D’gods rule.

I’m with hefe on this one too. And, that “one guy” will be here for the next 3 or 4 years. I’m still cautiously optimistic that we see a rotation of Hamels, Darvish, Holland, Perez, and either Gonzalez, Lewis, Martinez as a healthy and effective group next season. But, if we can get the bullpen straightened out and Ryan Rua continues to improve from the right side, we may not have to write this year off yet.

Nice to see the three of us back posting again away from the confused masses.

I can see Dgods point, this certainly smacks of desperation on Jd’s part….. you consider yourself a buyer with the way this team has played all season, really ? He seems to be stockpiling aging, high paid stars entering their twilight years… any objective fan should be aware of the flaws in that business model. This trade supposedly is designed to keep the window open for 2016 & 2017 ? But you just traded a significant portion of the young, low cost, controllable assets which would have allowed you compete while remaining financially responsible. .. this places most of your hopes of competing on the backs of aging players who have done very little to indicate that there will be anything left in their respective tanks when 2016 & 17 get here… this is a definite indication that was a move born in desperation. … Hamilton, Beltre, Choo Andros will all be a year older ard a little further into decline and Jd thinks it’s a good idea to ship a load of young talent away to acquire a (torp for sure ) to be paired with a collection of once great players who are clearly in decline,,,,, he simply refused to admit that what we actually needed here was to sell rather than buy… rebuilt this thing and in 2 years we could have been in place, as a young up and coming team ready to challenge for a WS again… I think JD missed the boat here, I also think it’s about time for him to move on….. we have just turned into Philadelphia south, I’d rather Houston north.

One of the most dangerous things a GM can do is fall madly on love… with his own player or another teams player, ,, JD tends to identify a guy he likes, lock in on him, then simply will not stop trying to acquire him until he has his man… problem is other GMs no this is JD’S M.O. as well…this will always result in inflated prices.. that’s how he’s overpaid the last two significant trades, Garza & Hamels, as well as Free agent signings Choo + Andrus extension, its like walking into a used car dealership and letting the salesman know that you absolutely have to have the little red corvette he’s got parked in the corner of his lot,,, you can now prepare to get hosed, also remember the man crush he had for Josh Johnson? Then the Justin Upton love affair? Those were bullets avoided IMO … I desperately wanted Preller or Levine to talk him out of that Garza deal… now he ships off 3 of the games top 50 prospects for a guy who everybody knows he’s been lusting for for a year…. you’ve finally made your conquest JD,,, let’s hope it works out better than your more recent one’s.

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