Rangers Friday: Nick Martinez, Derek Holland, Shin-Soo Choo

Friday at Minute Maid

Shin-Soo Choo was not in the lineup on Friday night. He is not hurt. The Rangers are going with Delino DeShields in left, Leonys Martin in center and Josh Hamilton in right for the first game of the second half.

Stay tuned on that one.

Nick Martinez pitched two innings in Triple A on Thursday night. The Rangers are looking for bullpen help. It appears there is a possibility Martinez could come back as a reliever.

Derek Holland threw in the bullpen on Friday. His next step will be live BP in Colorado. The Rangers have discussed the possibility of Holland in the bullpen but his rehab process will continue to be as a starter. If that is the case, he may not be back until September.


Andrus is an idiot, get rid of him and that bad contract you gave him. Would the Dodgers be interested in Gallardo and Andrus for Puig?

By the way in my opinion this “team” doesn’t need any starting pitching? It needs bullpen pitchers and a right handed hitting power bat preferably to play right field! If Puig is available go get him. He is 24 and will be helped by being surrounded by more latino players. Andrus for Puig straight up. Two head cases for each other.

Why would the Dodgers want Elvis when they have Rollins with Seager coming quick? Makes no sense. May was well get used to it. Elvis is what he is and like it or not, this team committed big money to him. I don’t see him going anywhere but #9 in the batting order.

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