Rangers sign Ibanez

The Rangers have agreed to terms with Cuban INF Andy Ibanez on an international free agent contract.

According to the Rangers:

Middle infielder from Isla de la Juventud, Cuba. Andy debuted in the Serie Nacional in 2011 at the age of 18. He was the youngest member of the Cuban National Team in the 2013 World Baseball Classic. Stands out for his advanced hitting approach and ability to hit line drives from gap-to-gap. Aggressive player who steals bases and is a capable infielder best-suited for 2B.


Can’t have enough spark plugs.

What’s the deal with Derek Holland? The reported diagnosis is a “shoulder strain”, but he’s been on the shelf half of the season now and is barely doing much throwing. Somebody please explain what is going on with him. Will we ever see him realize his potential? Something just doesn’t seem right. I feel like there will be an attempt to come back in August and then we will hear that he needs surgery. That will be very frustrating if it happens. Does anyone have any information on what the plan is with him?

I agree Sully, the Rangers had said shoulder strain, but if you listen to BUZZ and Grieve, they have said tear. Which is it? Strain or tear? The bottom line is both Harrison and Perez were both brought back to the major leagues too early. I am glad to see Perez has his velocity, but he doesn’t have the control. Daniels is taking the old Ranger approach of rushing pitchers to the major leagues. Both Harrison and Perez could have used a little more work down in the minors, at least a couple of games before being brought up!

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