Rangers select RHP Dillon Tate

Rangers have taken Dillon Tate, RHP from UC Santa Barbara… Michael Young’s school.

Dillon Tate was 8-5 with a 2.26 ERA, 111 strikeouts in 103 innings pitched.

He could be a better fit in the bullpen than in the rotation.


A 4th overall pick and the Rangers select a guy being labeled as a better fit for the bullpen than as a starter??? SMH. I hope they know what they’re doing.

If he winds up as a reliever it will be because he failed to develop as a starter not because of the Rangers intentions. If they didn’t think he could start he wouldn’t have been taken 4th over all.

True statement. It’s just not what they type of thing one expects to hear in regards to this high of a draft pick. Here’s hoping he turns into the next ace. I’ll be keeping tabs on him in the minors hoping that I was stupid for doubting.

Maybe the fact that he has two big league caliber pitches already means that turning him into a late inning reliever is kind of a safety net but his athleticism bodes well for him building on his durability and while it’s true that he’s got to improve his changeup to be a starter at the highest level, I think you could say the same thing about the majority of top pitching prospects with regard to their third pitch when they’re 21 years old.

I would not have been disappointed with Daz Cameron in that spot but this is the pick I wanted the team to make so I’m obviously biased.

I was kinda’ hoping for Daz too. It seems like in today’s game, offense is hard to come by.

Prince is holding forth over on the game comments…he’s pretending he 5 or 6 different characters. It’s nice to see you two posting real baseball comments. I personally don’t get too excited about draftees until a couple of years go by.

The Rangers had an off day after a day game and a high draft pick to get out of the way early. I needed some baseball.

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