Fujikawa activated; Patton optioned

The Rangers have activated pitcher Kyuji Fujikawa off the disabled list. They have optioned pitcher Spencer Patton back to Triple A Round.


Propaganda reminders…. “I really love Peguero’s new approach to hitting.” 28 games, 35 K’s for a .188 batting average. Sometimes things are what they are. The guy is talented no doubt, once he really figures it out then he might turn into something. At this point, he leads the team in strikeouts. This team if it were an engine would need a new clutch.

This team is sorely missing a right handed hitting power bat and bullpen pitchers. How about De Shields at second base and Martin in center? How about De Shields higher in the order like one or two? How about a manager with some balls? How about if you aren’t hitting in the clutch, something along the lines of bunting the ball, sacrificing outs for runs, the hit and run. Bannister seems to be stunned overwhelmed by the job. Not a guy who appears to think on his feet as the game is going. In essence, he is learning on the job! To me former catchers make the best managers, because they are involved in the game. Pudge for manager he speaks the language, which ain’t English….

We need bullpen help! Someone please explain to me why Edwards in AAA isn’t up here?

This “team” and “GM” needs to make up its mind what it wants to be. Is it a “veteran” team chasing a pennant or a young one rebuilding for the future? I know what they think they are, but reality has a way of crushing your beliefs! You know 7 games < 500, 9 games out, 40 % winning percentage, which means you are LOSING 60 % of your games, with only 125 to go…If they keep up this rate then they win 64 and lose 97. Once they realize they are bad, then that ole 40 percent win rate will drop lower and this "team" will lose 100 games. Let's get on with it. Everyday spent being "delusional" about what you are, makes things worse. At this point, I would be trying to get rid of Fielder, Beltre, Choo, and Andrus in order to re-build this thing as quickly as possible. Lets hope Bannister is the guy for a young team. I would rather be the K.C. Royals with all that young talent than the current Texas Rangers. You can't be fifth in payroll and lose 100 games, it doesn't make sense. By the way, I was out at Cholula Hot Sauce All You can Eat Seats last Thursday. Please put less water in the cheese and get some better hot dogs to serve.

Here’s my lineup with the current players: RF Choo, 2B De Shields, 1B Fielder, 3B Beltre, LF Hamilton, DH Blanks, CF Martin, SS Andrus, C Corporon. The only young guys are Andrus-stupidly overpaid, Martin-stupidly overpaid-not too bright, continues to throw the ball to the wrong base, can’t remember how many outs their are and De Shields, a steal of a deal a player to build with.

Where have the band wagoners gone?

Why comment to any of your stuff? You have a monopoly on idiocy. Keep it.

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