Rangers option Oder

The Rangers have optioned infielder Rougned Odor to Triple A and called up infielder Thomas Field from Triple A Round Rock. Odor was hitting .144 with a .252 on-base percentage and a .233 slugging percentage.

Field is in the lineup tonight


You might want to change the title to read “Rangers option Odor”

Odor will be great one day, but must get out of the “Oddibee McDowell syndrome,” when Oddibee (SP?) hit 18 home runs his first year, and he remained convinced that he was a home run hitter. He vanished in a matter of months afterward, because getting on base wasn’t on his mind—homers were. Not what we need from a 2nd baseman.

McDowell had back to back seasons of 18 homers, and in the second season improved his BA from .239 to .266, with a comparable increase in OBP. McDowell’s downfall wasn’t trying to hit homeruns. It was that he couldn’t adjust to pitchers adjusting to him. Odor played well last season. Pitchers studied tape. They had him down because he did not put in the same work, or his work did not show up in his game because it wasn’t good enough. Hopefully he didn’t prepare well. That at least means he can improve.

I couldn’t remember, but when a Rookie comes in and hits home runs way more than expected, they tend to go “homer crazy.” I think most people would say he didn’t ever improve, because like Odor, he has the “monster swing,” instead of the “get on base, punch it through the hole, move runners over, bunt, etc. MINDSET……he overswings like Oddibe, and that is most concerning. When he would hit a HR, it would fuel the fire for more. It’s just the way it is—esp. with younger players.

Odor has never been the type of punch and judy hitter you’re describing. He’s a guy who slugged .450 or better at each of his last 3 minor league stops. He’s not right mentally at this point. There’s no way someone with his talent should be missing the ball with his bat as badly as he is but to take away his aggressive swing would be to take away the best tool he has and what should make him a .300 with 40 doubles and 12-15 homers a season type of hitter in the big leagues.

Right now he’s taking fastball swings at breaking balls a la Josh Hamilton late in his run with Texas. Missing by such a wide margin makes it look like a player is overswinging even when they’re under control.

Now that Odor is gone, any chance we can send Elvis and Naftali back to the minors?

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