Friday Happy Hour at the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill

Welcome to the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill, where we drink a toast to the memory of Lesli Diane Buchanan, otherwise known as westtxmojo77.

— Yovani Gallardo on the start to his season: “The only thing I have struggled with a little bit is finding a good rhythm. I find it for one inning and then it gets away from me. If I’m able to do that from the first pitch on, it is going to be a good one.”

— Gallardo has a three-game losing streak. He has had only one four-game losing streak in his career. That was with the Brewers in 2013.

— Shin-Soo Choo has an extra basehit in seven consecutive games. That’s the longest active streak in the Majors.

— Adam Rosales on getting more playing time while Rougned Odor fights out of his slump: “He is going to be all right. He is going to be fine. I just look at this as an opportunity to get 4-5 at-bats every day, play solid defense and look for us to keep winning.”

— Delino DeShields is only the second rookie with three walks and three stolen bases in the last 23 years. The other was Andrew McCutcheon with the Pirates on Aug. 11, 2009.

— Adrian Beltre has played in 168 straight games for the Rangers. Now that Evan Longoria missed Thursday’s game for the Rays, Beltre has the second longest streak in the Majors. The longest is Freddie Freeman of the Braves with 196 straight games.

— The Rangers have hit at least one double in 27 straight games, second longest streak in club history. They hit in 34 straight in 1996.

— The Rangers hit 77 doubles in those 34 games in 1996. Ivan Rodriguez hit 12, Juan Gonzalez hit 11, Rusty Greer had 10, Kevin Elster and Dean Palmer both had nine.

— Streak ended on July 27, 1996. Rangers won in ten innings, 6-4. The big hit in the inning was a triple by Lee Stevens.

— Speaking of doubles: Ernie Lombardi once hit four doubles in four consecutive innings. That was for the Reds in 1935. Came off of four different pitchers in the sixth, seventh, eighth and nine innings.

— Alex Rodriguez is on pace for 39 home runs and 101 RBI.

— On May 8, 1926, a three-alarm fire burned down the left-field bleachers and grandstand at Fenway Park. The Red Sox had to use the insurance money to pay for operating expenses. The bleachers were never rebuilt and now there is a wall there.

— Nick Martinez is now second in the American League with a 1.47 ERA. Dallas Keuchel of the Astros leads with a 0.80 ERA. Martinez was ahead of him until he allowed three runs in the fifth inning on Thursday night.

— Former Rangers pitcher Chris Young was a free agent in the 2013-14 off-season. Didn’t sign a contract until March 27 with the Mariners. Went 12-9 with a 3.65 ERA for the Mariners. Became a free agent again. This time he signed with the Royals. He is 1-0 with a 1.06 ERA in one start and six relief appearances.

— Of course Young only throws 87 miles per hour.


We miss you on the Rangers page and at RR3rd.
the 2015 Rangers season if for you !

Thanks TR mojo was a special friend that battled to the last will probably neve watch a Rangers game without some thought of mojo. Thanks Again

Thank you so much TR. Another friend from RR3 who appreciates the remembrance.

In my opinion, no one has stolen more money from the Rangers than Tom Grieve, but isn’t it kind of misleading to say “he’s on vacation”, while he works the front desk? It seems to me he has been eased out the door and replaced by Mclemore? Who isn’t a Ranger to me at all. Smells more like Baltimore…..I love Busby, have personally met the guy, had him sign an autograph for me. Busby can do all three jobs, radio, play by play and color commentator. Is Tom gone for being truthful about the Rangers is he just another Daniels casualty?

There are pitchers and their are throwers. Just because you throw 95+ miles an hour doesn’t mean you will be able to dominate in the big leagues. Pitching is all about changing locations, and changing speeds. Colby Lewis comes immediately to mind here when you say Young only throws 87 MPH. I remember LEWIS coming up as Ranger Top prospect throwing 95 +, didn’t make it, had to go to Japan, learn how to “pitch” and return throwing with less velocity. If you watch a game, you will see that the dominant mlb pitchers, hardly ever throw a strike in the strike zone. If they throw one in there, the hitter will hit it. So they nibble, keep the hitter guessing, throw different pitches at different counts. So the fact you list Young is successful at 87 MPH is a non story. You have a couple of guys like that on this team, as most other teams do. Young is just one of many that do this, they know how to pitch.

How about a story on the disappearance of Tom Grieve?

With Hamilton and Moreland coming back won’t that cut into Peguero and Blanks playing time, at bats and development? Fielder seems like the guy we need to part with especially if Hamilton starts producing. I would much rather see Peguero and Blanks getting quality at bats, confidence and hopefully develop into something worth keeping.

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