Rangers release Kevin Matthews

The Rangers have released LHP Kevin Matthews, their 33rd overall pick from the 2011 draft. Matthews was charged with one misdemeanor count of driving while impaired on Wednesday morning in Hickory.

The Rangers released a statement saying, “The Texas Rangers are very disappointed in the Wednesday morning incident involving Kevin Matthews, and we certainly do not condone this behavior. We cannot comment any further on this situation since it is a police matter.”

Matthews had a 6.48 ERA in six games at Hickory. His career never took off after starting out with arm problems and the Rangers were likely to let him go at some point anyway.


If he’d had a 96 mph fast ball and an ERA of 0.92, they might have been more patient. At least, that seems to be the way professional sports moves nowadays.

…unless you’re a former AL MVP. If they “do not condone this behavior”, how do they explain Josh Hamilton?

That’s interesting considering they just traded for a method and Crack addict.

Ranger management is such a freaking bunch of hippocritts. What they really mean is… They don’t condone “this” behavior if you, (a player, breaks the law and gets caught.) They certainly don’t mind their players and a few strippers with some fat rails of blow, partying like rock stars now do they..?

If the kid were playing well, they’d have kept him.
Daniels is a hypocrite.

There’s a big difference between a guy in Hickory with an ERA of 6.45 and a guy with a proven major league pedigree brought back under low risk conditions. The kid wasn’t playing well and this is just the straw that broke the camel’s back for him. If Josh slips, he will be gone too. Apples to oranges. Some people just have to find some drama. There are many other teams to root for if you hate this one so much. If Josh comes in here and hits near .300 and gives us some moonshots and RBI’s, you same guys will be cheering the team on. That is where we’ll see the hypocrisy. I’m not sure what a “hippocritt” is. Maybe a parasite critter that attaches itself to a hippopotamus? I also wonder what a method addict is. Addicted to method acting? What’s in your closet?

I’m a Dodger fan so I have no dog in this fight and this still goes beyond what team anybody roots for. If you cut a guy because he got a DUI and then trade for a drug addict who literally just “slipped” then it is hipocrasy. Not only did he just slip recently but he has done it before. He also trashed the Rangers fans when he left And trashed the Angels and didn’t apologize for his actions. The guy is a wreck And shouldn’t be allowed in baseball Period regardless of what team you root for.

They didnt cut him because of the dui, they cut him because he was playing poorly. They were looking for an excuse to cut him and he gave it to them. You can criticize the rangers all you want about being hippocrates but truth is most organizations are going to show a lot more grace to talented players, because most organizations are trying to win and you need talented players to do that. If youre screwing up on and off the field youre going to get cut because youre not helping the franchise in anyway. I dont think the rangers were trying to make some kind of righteous statement I think they were just cutting a guy who wasnt helping the franchise

There is still a difference between an unproven Class “A” Hickory pitcher with an ERA over 6 and a veteran major leaguer who has been successful in this system. He didn’t trash the fans here. He told the truth. The D/FW area, as well as the entire state of Texas, is all about football. He was going to LA which is a city that could not support a pro football team, but has a long tradition of great baseball. He told the truth. His timing was bad and it was not necessary for him to go there but maybe inside he was disappointed that the Rangers did not want him for the kind of money the Angels threw at him. As far as his addiction, no one knows all of the details but he did turn himself in. He will always be an addict, but he has had enough success to warrant another chance. If you were in his shoes, you would want the same thing. The Hickory pitcher has never done anything and therefore does not deserve anything but a chance from someone else if he goes and plays some independent ball and shows something. Not hypocrisy. Two totally different situations.

I am not a naïve person, but I totally disagree with everyone on here about treating people differently! If you “don’t condone” this type of behavior, then you don’t condone this type of behavior for anyone! It is called INTEGRITY. When you start changing things up for certain people for certain reasons, like ticket sales, notoriety, whatever then you have compromised yourself, your integrity and your organization. You need look no further than next door in Arlington for a true example of this. Either you have integrity or you don’t. IF the Rangers don’t condone this type of behavior, how do they explain their participation in the huge amount of alcohol that they sell out at the big bar in Arlington, Texas. Just how many people do you think drive away from The Ballpark intoxicated? Aren’t they condoning D.W.I in exchange for cash revenue? In the Great State of Texas, we have a Civil Law, where the proprietor who sold you the alcohol, which got you intoxicated can be held civilly liable for any damages, i.e. if you kill someone or even if you kill yourself. It is also against the law to serve alcohol to intoxicated individuals, this one happens all the time out there all for the sake of cash revenue. So please, save the “we don’t condone” this kind of political statements for the left winged liberal sheep.

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