The Rangers All-Come-Home Team

P Ferguson Jenkins – He was always a No. 1 starter.

P Kenny Rogers – His third tour with the Rangers yielded 32 wins in 2004-05. The Rangers were so thrilled with what he did for the franchise that they put him in the club’s Hall of Fame.

P Darren Oliver – He also had three tours with the Rangers. Two as a starter and the last as setup reliever on World Series teams.

P Bobby Witt – He won 16 games in 1996 and was great in September as the Rangers won their first division title. texas-rangers-bobby-witt-747-topps-orange-back-1988-mlb-baseball-trading-card-68623-p

P Danny Darwin – Quick stop in Texas in 1995 was unremarkable

P Rick Honeycutt – A No. 1 starter in 1982, left-handed setup in 1994

P Colby Lewis – Failed prospect, tremendous comeback after two years in Japan.

P Paul Lindblad – Left-handed setup reliever before they were in vogue

P Jeff Russell – All-Star as a starter and reliever in 1988-89. Solid as setup in 1996.

C Ivan Rodriguez – He had a 28-game cameo for the Rangers in 2009, then signed with the Nationals. The Rangers used the compensation pick to draft Luke Jackson.

C Jim Sundberg – He played more than expected in 1988-89 before retiring

1B Rafael Palmeiro – His second tour was tremendous. Then he went back to Baltimore and it all fell apart.

2B Frank Catalanotto – Always a solid player, especially with the bat.

SS Toby Harrah – He had two good seasons in 1985-86 before retiring.

SS Kevin Elster – He could not repeat his magical 1996 again in 1998

3B Buddy Bell – He came back in 1989 but a knee injury cut his final season short.

3B Steve Buechele – A cameo in 1995 did not work out.

OF Juan Gonzalez – He was supposed to be part of an explosive offense in 2002-03 but his second tour was marred by injuries.

OF Sammy Sosa – He gave the Rangers a little offense in 2007 in the start of the great rebuilding program.

OF Ruben Sierra – Mainly a designated hitter in the twilight of his career.


I can’t thank you enough for the article. It brings back treasured memories from my childhood. It about killed me when we traded Toby. I remember each and everyone of those players and transactions. Thank you.

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Ben J. Sexton


Great list of past Rangers heroes. .. I would gladly take any of those guys back today if they were the same age Hamilton is now. . But we didn’t need to bring bring Hamilton back to town. .. this is going to be like reuniting with a old girlfriend who cheated on you with your best friend, stole your identity, cleaned out your bank account and told the cops you beat her which resulted in a jail term then sold all belongings while you were locked up. .. how quickly we forget what cancer he was when he was here. Its been my experience that bad relationships dont improve with time and second chances. . You have to move on and wish the other party the best, and except the fact that things didn’t work out. .. but rekindling old disfunctional relationships wont fix anything. . It just shows how desperate JD, Ray and Bill are at the moment. .. but had we done a better job putting a team (and coaching staff) together over the past couple of years we wouldn’t be in a position to be held hostage by a drug addict right now. .
Good going JD.

I was driving over the 21st St bridge in Lorain Ohio when WWWE announced that the Indians had traded Buddy Bell to Texas for Toby. I almost drove right off the bridge into the Black River. I really like Buddy.

Gaylord Perry had a couple of stints here in between a Cy Young Award . How is he left off this list? TR must have been in San Francisco during that time? Hamilton quit on the Rangers, just as Cutler did on the Bears. Once I see that quit, I have no use for the “athlete”. The bottom line is this is all about ticket revenue, hot dog and beer sales. The sum is ALWAYS greater than its parts. The Rangers missed their window. This is an expensive team, which is going to lose 100 + games. The time has come to tear it down. Keep the young corp. Trade Fielder, Choo, Beltre, Hamilton. Again I say the one signing that DANIELS flubbed twice is Nellie CRUZ. Would your rather have Choo or Cruz? Choo is terrible. It is time for a youth movement, Daniels will have to go that route to save his job and career. Start the re-build, with Gallo, Alfaro, Choice, play these guys everyday and begin again….

Banks displayed his fielding “skills” the other night and it cost us a ballgame. So keep up the propaganda-“Is it Banks or Blanks? Keep drinking the Kool-Aid…

“Banks ready to put talent on display.” The website has as many errors as our fielders. Lack of attention to detail permeates this “organization”. BLANKS is an outfielder playing first base and it showed Wednesday night. Look for more of the same, but hey he has a right handed power bat. I saw a guy on the other team hit one about 500 feet that night. Looked familiar, like he had hit some in that park before. That guy is gonna hit 50 + this year for your opponents, probably 7 or more against you. Pathetic.

The Rangers have a .318 winning percentage, which means they have a losing percentage of .682. So when you go out there to Arlington there is a greater than 68 percent chance of them losing. Hey “Banny” the game is 9 innings in length, it hasn’t gotten hot yet, and you look overwhelmed by the position. Magadan should have already been fired. If he can’t motivate the players to have a decent approach at the plate, then he should be gone. Without a bullpen and untimely hitting, we aren’t going to win many games. Hey Daniels who is in charge of putting this mess together?

I would be overjoyed if we could ad Ron Washington to this list,, it just amazed me to see the amount of criticism that guy got around here, and all he ever did was manage winning baseball. . His influence is greatly missed around here. . The infielders look as if they have never fielded a grounder or thrown a ball to firstbase, no situational hitting and the bullpen can’t close out a little league game.
And I have yet to see one post of a Rangers fan who is disatisfied with the Manager..
Banister is clearly in over his head. .. JD is also now being exposed as being a mediocre GM at best,, he is a outstanding scout and farm director, but his is not a GM, I have lost faith in his abilities as it relates to player movements and transactions at the major league level, and I am now convinced that the acquisitions of Hamilton from Cincinnati, Napoli, Cruz as well as the other trades or signings which lead to back to back WS were nothing more than dumb luck.

JD threatens wholesale changes. The only change needed is to dispose of the 5’4 ” dicator Daniels

dictator Daniels. He wanted full control, he got it. With full control, comes full responsibility and accountability. You cannot have authority without responsibility. Those two things go hand in hand, like cake and ice cream.

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