Rangers close to acquiring Hamilton

The Rangers are close to acquiring outfielder Josh Hamilton from the Angels. A deal will be announced most likely on Monday. There are still legal proceedings that need to be cleared including the Players Association. Hamilton is still rehabbing from shoulder surgery and there is no word when he will be ready to play.

No word yet on what the Rangers will have to give up


Well, I could say alot more, but I will remain positive. He’s an upgrade for sure over what we have in the outfield. I don’t know about his shoulder surgery timeline, but any bat that can send a ball over the fence once and a while would be preferable to the popguns we have presently. IF JOSH CAN RECAPTURE “lightning in a bottle,” he could be very serviceable. I only wonder if Johnny Narron is around to “mentor” and babysit him……….he seemed vital here as a support system, and except the dropped ball and weakly swinging in the last few games of his tenure here, he was most productive. He might well be “REAWAKENED,” being here, since he had his greatest production here. I pray he’ll be okay, and even though I was NOT for re-signing him when Arte Moreno saved the Rangers from stupidity, I welcome him back seeing the awful offensive production we presently have. Hope his rehab goes well.

He will put’em in the stands.

Hey–April Fool’s Day was over three weeks ago!

Not so sure about this. Hard to imagine this fella turning things around again.

The player they needed to get back here was Nellie Cruz, but hey they didn’t want some HGH user, but are more than willing to take on a self destructive cocaine addicted player. Why? Because they got him at 5 Million a year. This team needed and still needs a right handed power bat. I blame the Angels for not doing their homework, but, should you really have to babysit a 33 year old man, that you are paying 25+ million a year. Grew weary of the “victim” mentality of Josh, last time around. Rumor has it his wife was cheating on him, (not a good Christian witness by the way). The bottom line is J.D. is reeling, hasn’t made the right moves and he is going for what he believes is a “quick-fix”, (an intended pun). The Angels wouldn’t give a blankety-blank if Josh had hit 35 + dingers and drove in 100 + runs. He didn’t he is gone and soon forgotten. Where do I sign up to get 68 + million to leave a job? Can you pay Obama that and get rid of him too?

So is J.D. admitting he made a mistake letting Hamilton walk? No. He will say at that price, we were right to refuse. At this price 5 million a year we would be wrong to refuse. Why not trade Choo to the Angels and make them pay the difference in Josh’s deal. Then you get Josh for free. Choo has been horrendous here and the Rangers aren’t getting what they need from him. At this point, would you rather have Cruz and Hamilton or Choo and Hamilton? This lineup is too stacked with Left handed hitters. I would try and get some RH power bat from somewhere. My personal preference would be for the team to tell HAMILTON, shut up, play baseball, stay clean, meet with your babysitters and produce. Oh an try to stay out of public restrooms with women you meet in bars….The Rangers are being run by Vince Mc Mahon and W.W.E.

The stands are empty, the Rangers are a bad team, and concession stand goodies are down. The ham bone sold pretty well while it was here, hear….. the stands will fill up, the profits will increase. I am a firm believer that you should never go backwards and that it never works. Daniels must be feeling a little heat as his experiment goes down the toilet. Be careful what you ask for…you wanted full control you got it….with full control comes full responsibility and blame…I am a firm believer that you can’t just crap all over people and expect to be successful. The chickens have come home to roost on Daniels, he is reeling and reaching. Anyone who knows anything about baseball will realize that his biggest error, wasn’t letting Josh go, but his letting Nellie go. How can you be so harsh on a guy who did a drug (HGH) to Improve his performance and so FORGIVING of a guy who does drugs to GET HIGH and decrease performance? I would like to have that question answered. Nellie wanted to be here and for some unknown reason, he wasn’t allowed to be. He is the one guy that this team is sorely missing, but it is too late. This team needs an ace, a bullpen and a BIG RIGHT HANDED HITTING POWER BAT THAT PLAYS RIGHT FIELD.

My comment at the top here, was that, maybe, he can recapture some semblance of what he was, which is better than Choo-Choo. I was stupefied when the Rangers show NO interest in signing Nellie. I wondered at the time, WHY THE STUPID, VASTLY STUPID policy of “not negotiating a contract during the season.” To me, that is horrificly STUPID, to not keep your best players. If Boras doesn’t want someone to sign during the season and go Free Agent, ok. But, Nellie wanted to be here, without doubt. It stinks, but I think Nellie choosing to skip the 50 game ban DURING the season when the Rangers feel it needed him, instead he chose to sit out the 50, and then have a full shot at Free Agency. When he was flailing in the wind and Baltimore came through with an offer, I will always wonder if JD wanted to prove some point by not signing him, or getting back at him because he didn’t play those 50 games at the end of the season, so it was retribution, possibly? Anyway, someone said, a 33 yr. old man doesn’t need a “babysitter,” but when he was MVP and a torrential force in the lineup, he had a “mentor” on the bench, Johnny Narron, so I don’t have any problem with what “Should be” and will go with, whatever makes him best, and keeps him clean.

ignitefreedom, what J.D. did was RETALIATION not RETRIBUTION. J.D. stands about 5′ 4″ at the most and has severe “little man” syndrome. I agree with you, you don’t let your best and/or “key” players walk. Especially after you were patient and they finally turned into a player. “Nellie” made J.D. look good and J.D. stabbed him in the back. Again, I say you fall all over yourself for a guy who voluntarily ingests cocaine and/or methamphetamine, to get high, make all kind of excuses for him, participate in cover ups of his indiscretions and/or fail to disclose ALL of his misbehavior, then you send Nellie to the “cross” because he took the suspension for taking a substance to make himself a more productive player. Those two things are not equivalent in my book. J.D. do what you will with Josh, you are getting him on the cheap side and he probably will be motivated to produce for maybe two years. However, I think we are all going to see it played out that the player this “team” is missing the most is “Nellie” The money wasted on Choo should have been used on him. And if it is not too much could someone please ask Josh, just what Jesus was doing while his wife was doing what she was doing and where he was when he was snorting that cocaine?

Too bad we couldn’t have dumped the chooster on the Angels in the process of bringing Hamebone back, he was the worst signing around here since his countryman (CHP) signed over a decade ago. I guess you could look at it as a low risk / high reward venture, but there be no room for him this time next year if Mazara, Williams and Cordell keep absolutely raking the way they have so far this year. .. this the last stop before the scrap heep Josh…. make good on this chance.

“They let us go out and date people and kind of gave our hearts away.” Katey Hamilton…Is she talking about the Rangers, or her own personal life and relationship with Josh? Hey Katey, are you sure it wasn’t his exercising in bathroom stalls with other women, not his spouse that caused this? “Dallas is not a true Baseball Town.” Josh Hamilton. Duh…First off, are you high? Arlington, Texas is where the baseball team plays, not Dallas, Texas. Their next indoor stadium may be in Downtown Dallas, Texas. Dallas is about 30 + miles to the east of your location. Ok, lets all remember how we had Christ shoved down our throats and the Rangers Commitment to Addiction issues. Just what have the Rangers done with addiction issues during the time Josh left. Answer, ZERO, NADA, Nothing. I do not want to hear this crap again…shut up, play ball, stay clean, stay out of restroom stalls. Christ doesn’t need you as his representative…

Let’s all remember that alcohol is a drug, a Central Nervous System Depressant. IF the RANGERS were so committed to eliminating addiction issues, then how is it that they see fit to charge people what $8.00 a beer? Isn’t that merely advocating alcoholism? But hey, they are making money off it. I know they have insurance, but just how long will it be until someone gets highly intoxicated out there, gets into their car, drives off and kills someone? That is manslaughter folks. At least at this point, old Josh hasn’t hurt anyone except himself, his wife, kids, family and the people that care about him.

Sunday’s game. The Rangers are an undisciplined team, without managerial control. Someone please explain to me how Martin is on second base with one out, Fielder is at the plate (The only guy hitting the ball and driving in runs) and Martin takes off for third and gets thrown out doing so. Again, I say, the Rangers are an undisciplined team on the base paths, in the field, everywhere. At what point, does the Manager go crazy, take a bat to a water cooler. Bannister is too nice of a guy, he needs some fire. He needs to understand HIS career is at stake. He stays too even keel. Go out there argue with an umpire show you are alive….I am not a professional manager, but I teach my 14 year old players, don’t help the other team, don’t give it away, make them earn it. The reality is this when you have two evenly matched teams the mistakes you make in the field on the bases are going to cost you the game. You have to minimize your mistakes and let the other team make them. This isn’t happening. This team is going to lose 100 plus games if the manager doesn’t light a fire under somebody’s butt. The question needs to be asked. What are we doing here? If we aren’t aiming for a championship, building something then why are you here? You don’t run yourself out of innings. The team appears rudderless.

TO DWIman—-I was for keeping Tim Bogar as Mgr…as he had the guys respect, and they played HARD for him, and he had some nice success at the end. Supposedly, Bannister “WOWED” J.D. and maybe he did. I agree. More Fire. I actually miss Wash, and always will. Bogar, in my opinion, might have controlled the team’s stupidity. Oh well………….looking at a worse year than last, I’m afraid.

If they keep this up, I am going to start snorting cocaine and hanging out in public restrooms. Bet on this, I wouldn’t give up ANY of my money. Hamilton should have went to the players union, told them he was ready to play and when the Angels didn’t activate him, he could have filed a grievance and forced them to either cut him outright, trade him or put him on the roster. Josh just isn’t getting the right advice. I am not too sure the players association is going to go for this renegotiated contract. The MLB will just to bury the issue and keep it from becoming negative publicity for the league. I say trade Choo for Hamilton straight up and be done with it.

I do not miss WASH! But do agree that this is a group, not a team, of unknowing or selfish kids making too much money.

I was ready for Josh to leave when he did. I must say I was hesitant at first to embrace a return. But, the reward is higher than the risk. Who wouldn’t want to see Hamilton hit some home runs against the Angels while being paid by the Angels? For Josh the person, I hope that he continues to battle those demons well. They will never completely go away so his faith should stand strong. For Josh the ball player, I hope that he can regain some semblance of his former self. I do believe his best days are behind him, but he is still and extraordinary talent and there may be, under the right conditions, something left in the tank.

As far as the Rangers’ organization goes, I’ve always tried to give this front office the benefit of a doubt. It is the only front office that has brought us back to back World Series appearances. However, I do believe that this move is a desperate move and it speaks volumes about what is going on behind the scenes. Choice, Rua, and Smolinski must not be the answers for left field. And, the too many sub .200 batting averages are weighing heavy. I’m beginning to lose faith that they even have a plan. We’re always waiting for someone to develop. Meanwhile, other teams in our division retool and push on. I still have some faith that the ship can be turned around, but I’ve been here for the worst since 1974 and this thing is beginning to look a bit too familiar.

But, I am and always will pull for this team. They are still mine!

Ranger fans, thank you for accepting Hamilton’s return. I hope he has a smooth transition. He lacked proper support in Anaheim and needs full support. I trust coach Steve Buechele and Michael Young are capable of assisting Hamilton’s return.

Side comment…..not related exactly…..but last year, Choo led baseball in getting on base the first couple months, then tailed off as he had an injury. I’m wondering if he was just put atop the lineup, getting on base, if he would do better than be buried lower? He has been an on-base dynamo, and now, cannot do anything….nothing. No ball near him can he catch. Chan-Ho-Park, part II. “We wuz robbed,!” said somebody famous.

In order to win, you must have good players. If Josh is motivated and stays clean then he’s one of the best players in the game. The Rangers got him for what 7 million over three years? That was a no brainer. However, it still makes me sick to watch a guy who has all the talent in the world, literally, “blow” it all away for cocaine. It also makes me sick when the GM sits there and basically says via his actions, that as long as it is financially feasible, we will ordain anything in order to win. No moral compass. I am also sick too death that we have Choo when we could have had Nellie on two separate occasions. Again I say, you fall all over a guy who on numerous occasions has relapsed on recreational drugs, but you evidently can’t stand someone who used a performance enhancing one. Lot’s of forgiveness for Hamilton, none for Nelly. The bottom line is when Hamilton takes the field, and even if he plays well, the player for the knowledgeable fan that is missing will be glowingly obvious. The big right handed bat in Seattle, Nellie Cruz. When you develop a player and he matures, you don’t forfeit the future production by letting him walk.

Key word here is “Addiction”. Nellie chose to use PEDs to gain an advantage, he is a ‘cheater’. Josh has a recognized addiction. Read the literature and get rid of your ‘hate’.

….and Nellie was never coming back here. This last time, he was going to play with his buddy Cano. The Rangers could not have offered him enough, within reason, to come back. As for the first time, he wanted a multi-year deal and while it looks like that would not have been a bad decision now, it was not a good decision then given his age and his injuries, and PED’s. Saying we could’ve had Nellie is revising history based on a pipe dream. You should let that one go.

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