Friday Happy Hour at the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill

Welcome to the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill on World HemophiEFBGlia Day.

Nelson Cruz has hit a home run in five straight games for the Mariners. He had a total of six in the streak but all five games were on the road. He is 1-for-11 so far this season in Safeco Field.

Cruz has two home runs in his only two career at-bats against Ranges starter Yovani Gallardo, coming last year.

The Major League record for consecutive home runs is eight by Ken Griffey Jr., Don Mattingly and Dale Long.

Robinson Chirinos hit a home run on Tuesday and Carlos Corporan did the same on Wednesday. It’s the first time two different Rangers catcher have hit home runs in back-to-back games since Geovany Soto and A.J. Pierzynski on July 6-7, 2013.

Elvis Andrus on having more home runs than Prince Fielder, “I’ve already talked a lot about that. It might not end that way. But right now I’ve got more than Prince and that makes me happy.”

Fielder on the chances of Andrus having more home runs than him at the end of the year: “Not good. Very low.”

Fielder is hitting .400 for the Rangers with 16 hits in 40 at-bats. The rest of the team is hitting .185.
Manager Jeff Banister on Fielder, “I couldn’t be happier where he is at. You look at how tough he has been pitched, to be hitting .400 is a testament to what kind of hitter he is. The power will show up. He is building himself back into the player he was and I’m confident he will be that player. The bottom line is we have to get guys on in front of him.”

The Rangers went into Friday’s game hitting .186 against left-handers and Banister said, “There has been some chase. There have been games where left-handers haven’t throw us strikes, they have needed to throw strikes. It comes back to being bullish about what you swing at.”

The Rangers and the Royals both had 13 hit by pitches in their first ten games. First time a club has had that has happened since 1914.

Rougned Odor has been hit by a pitch five times in the first ten games. That has only happened four times in Major League Baseball since 1914: Shin-Soo Choo in 2013 with the Reds, Nick Johnson in 2002 with the Yankees and Tony Oliva in 1975 with the Twins.

Banister on 6-foot-5 Carlos Peguero: “I’m glad he didn’t grow up in Texas. He wouldn’t be playing baseball.”

Adrian Beltre has appeared in 150 straight games, fourth longest streak going in the Majors. The current leader is Evan Longoria with 252 straight games.

The Rangers have been outscored 45-10 in their six losses. They outscored their opponent 27-6 in the four victories. The Rangers are 4-1 when they score first and 0-5 when the opponent does so.

It all started on this date in 1869. The Cincinnati Red Stocks beat the Amateurs, 24-15, in the first professional game. Also in 1912, the New York Giants beat the Yankees, 11-2, in an exhibition game to raise money for the survivors of the Titanic.


Is it really “newsworthy” the Rangers are hitting so bad against lefties? Other than Beltre and maybe Chirinos, whom else from the right side? Daniels has stacked his team with left handers, noticed I didn’t say hitters. You must be balanced. IF you thought you were going to contend, you go out and you get CRUZ. This team isn’t going anywhere without pitching. Right now you have Gallardo then nothing else afterwards. A punch less light hitting team with one starter, not a good thing! By mid May we should be looking to dump Choo, Fielder and any other older player and get on with the youth movement. The Rangers missed their window, time to start building for the future IN my humble opinion.

The only thing more sad is watching a manager in training at the big league level. I really would have thought Bannister would play more of the National League style of game, not so much. With this team, you have to bunt, move runners over, hit and run, manufacture runs. He isn’t doing that. Bannister is a good guy no doubt, obviously interviewed well. Time for him to step up, take control and BE CONSISTENT. I am a firm believer in Karma, what goes around, comes around. They should have hired Bogar in my opinion.

The Mariners put good wood on many Colby Lewis pitches; he appears to be trying to throw darts – no longer pitching. What’s up with the glasses on Beltre? Doesn’t seem like he has adjusted yet to bifocals. … Lewis as a number two is a real problem.

Sunday’s game. #1 Detwiler ain’t a starter, put him in AAA, (you get killed in the big leagues when you get the ball up, Detwiler stays up and he is getting killed) #2 Scheppers should have done a little rehab assignment before he pitched up here, #3, you gotta pinch run for Corporon with De Shields. Is Bannister Delusional! How does he not know that his bullpen and his starting pitching aren”t that good? it is time for a youth movement, trade Beltre, Fielder (if you can), Choo (if you can), Lewis, and Andrus and start over. Put Tolleson, Verett, and Chi-Chi in as starting pitchers and lets begin the climb back up. In 2 or 3 years it will be competitive again.

Question following the Mariners series—really a question after the 2013 season, for Jon Daniels, and “Bob and Ray:” …………………And the chief reason you didn’t sign Nelson Cruz” when in sore need of power is…………? He ended up with way less than you conjectured and signed 1 yr. with the Orioles, in which he socked 40 HR’s…….then gave him the Pass-er-oo again before this Season, knowing the Rangers have a popgun Offense? Again, please refresh my memory, on why Nelson Cruz wasn’t seriously told he was wanted? Were you afraid his age might lead to declining returns? He’s gotten better every year! Likely the most-feared hitter in Baseball. We had him. We went on the Cheap, but then you were forced to sign “The Choo-Choo-Train” which is a total bust. Serious miscalculation, one we’ll live to regret. Not trading for Johnny Cueto, when he’s on the market? Another stupid move. J.D.–you got real shrewd in trading Texiera for workable players. Ever since then, you edged out Nolan, misfired on Choo. Shouldn’t have traded Kinsler. STUPIDLY made Scheppers, Feliz and Ogando STARTERS—-absolutely ridiculous Jonnie Boy. You’ve lost your touch, and your mind. Not signing Nelson Cruz, when he wanted back, and wanted to play right field, and you said “NO.” The stupid: “We don’t negotiate contracts during the season.” WHY IN THE HADES NOT???? Is there some Geneva Convention against it? Stupid to keep losing great players by not negotiating, and trying to keep key players. You are more and more brainless each year. Oh well………..I’ll have to have distant memories of 2 World Series appearances back-to-back—-it’s NEVER EVER happen during my lifetime. You Management folks, minus Nolan, simply are El Stupido! Letting Cruz “walk” and I’m sure he wanted more than a 1-yr. deal with the Orioles, but signed for less. WHY NOT MAKE CRUZ AN OFFER he couldn’t turn down? Geeeez.

Regarding Nelson Cruz, you should remember that the Rangers offered him more in their one year offer than he took with the Orioles. He was holding out for a long term deal and didn’t get it. The Rangers, rather than wait on him, moved on. They were not going to give a multi year deal to an, at the time, 34 year old outfielder with hammy problems. No one disagreed back then. This year, he clearly wanted to play with his friend Robinson Cano. I don’t think you can stick this on the front office as a bad decision. If they knew Cruz would stay healthy and do what he did last year and looks to be doing this year, do you think they would’ve tried harder to sign him to a long term contract? I don’t think so because years 3, 4, and maybe 5 at age 37, 38, and 39 are still question marks for a guy who cannot play full time outfield already. And he’s too streaky to be our version of Big Papi.

I agree with you on Choo. Seems like a bust, but there was nothing else out there that looked better. And, he could still get it together…I’m hoping.

I have to ask this, how was “making” Scheppers, Feliz, and Ogando starters stupid? Feliz was a starter in the minor leagues. Ogando was quite successful as a starter until he ran out of gas and then got hit by the injury bug. And remember, Ogando was a converted outfielder. Scheppers appeared to have the stuff to either start or close. Then, his injuries began. I’m pretty sure there is no evidence that starting is what caused those injuries in any of those guys.

On the Kinsler trade, I only question the wisdom of trading for someone and NOT giving them a physical before the deal is done. I will never understand that. But, a healthy Fielder for a healthy Kinsler was a good deal especially when they thought Profar was ready to take over at second. These moves weren’t idiotic. They simply didn’t work out. As long as there is a sensible reason for making a trade,

Now, I will question the prospects. We’ve heard how good the Rangers’ farm system is over the past 5 years. I don’t see a pipeline of prospects coming up and helping the team. Odor is not ready and has been rushed. I wonder if this will stunt his growth. Nick Martinez looks like he’ll be a keeper. Scheppers and Holland have tons of potential but can’t seem to stay on the field. (The great players don’t have that problem.) Rua and Smolinski seem average at best. Elvis seems to have regressed. Profar may never be himself again after 2 years hurt. So, where is that pipeline of prospects that was going to help the Rangers contend year in and year out? That’s my concern. Will Joey Gallo flame out. He has started the season hurt in the minors. Will Luke Jackson, Chi Chi Gonzalez, and Jake Thompson live up to their potential and deliver in the big show? A rotation next year of Yu, Holland, and those three along with Nick Martinez if he keeps this up would be awesome and I didn’t even mention Matt Harrison and Martin Perez. Will at least most of them become what we’ve been told they can be? Will the offensive players we have in the minors develop and contribute here? Wil Bannister develop as a manager? Or, are we destined for more dashed hopes, front office change, manager change, and chaos of the past? I hope not. I’m not giving up yet. Nevereverquit doesn’t seem to fit this team yet but I can keep that as part of my fan resume.

I just read Newberg’s latest and he reminded us of the Rangers’ rotation in 2010, you know, the first WS year. Feldman, Harrison, Wilson, Lewis, and Harden. Right now we are at Gallardo, Martinez, Lewis, Detwiler, and ? Let’s look at it as a work in progress. And, Nelson Cruz is a Mariner. At least we’re not waiting for Jerry Don Gleaton or John Henry Johnson to never develop. It’s still not THAT bad right now.

Finally, I don’t believe JD could move Nolan out. I think Nolan saw an opportunity and left. His heart has always been torn between Houston and the Rangers. Remember the 10 year deal here at the end of his career. When that was done, he went to Houston and did the same thing until the Rangers brought him back. And, while he is involved with the Astros, he has clearly taken a step back from everything. He is getting up there in years. I think he left because he wanted to. He could’ve fired JD anytime but he never did. Why? So, JD could run him out of town. Nolan Ryan does not get run out of town by anyone. That’s not who he is.

When you have Nolan Ryan money, you have well freedom of choice……Ryan’s heart has always been in Houston. He only came here because the Rangers gave him a chance…..He left because Daniels was squeezing him out. Nolan Ryan doesn’t have to be squeezed.. He’s Nolan Ryan…. I am a firm believer in Karma, what goes around comes around. This “organization” is being hampered by an individual who evidently can’t look at reality and see he needs to rebuild. This team has far too many expensive veteran players without the results. IF DANIELS thought this team was a contender for a title then you have to go out and sign CRUZ at all costs. He didn’t do that, so this is a team that needs to be scrapped. Andrus, Beltre, Fielder, and Choo should all be traded for the future development of this team. The Rangers missed the window, should have paid Lee what he wanted and probably beat the Cards in 2011… Daniels only strength in my book is when he is trading known veteran players for prospects. The Gallardo deal is looking bad to me right know, sure would like Sardinas and The Texas EX Closer on this team right now. Fleeced again…

The Cardinals have the best minor league feeder system. All the Rangers “prospects” are all in their teens to early twenties. Other than Pudge Rodriguez who was 19 years old when he was brought up and Odor, name ANY recent productive rookie they have brought up that wasn’t over 25 to 26 years of age. It is all hype…….I would rather get less press coverage and let my players do the talking for me. This organization will never get it… you don’t trade good young pitching prospects for 30 + year old pitchers. Trading the closer to Milwaukee for Gallardo was a mistake when it happened. Gallardo appears to have lost velocity on his fastball and is prone to the home run. Playing in the shooters gallery in Arlington he is going to get killed. I am not a pitcher, but you have to keep the ball down and both he and Detwiler are getting it up.


Sierra, Incaviglia, and Oddibie were good players. Sierra was the best of that bunch by far, until Julio Franco got into his ear…. Outfielders are a dime a dozen… We need pitching, always have always will. Until they develop an arm they drafted, kept and he produces for us on the major league level, then they are still under suspicion, Righetti, Danks, Darling, Terrell, on and on must I go to prove a point?

How about Hank Blalock, Michael Young (AA when they acquired him), Ian Kinsler, Teixeira (had some good years here before the big trade). I’m with you on the pitching but that could turn if Holland, Perez, and Scheppers can stay on the field. If Nick Martinez is the real deal, and if Luke Jackson, Jake Thompson, Chi Chi Gonzalez, and others do what we’ve been told they can do. This is why it’s not time to panic yet. Karma is overrated. Talent sometimes is also. I wonder if the scouts are simply missing the mark. Hopefully not. If players can play, it doesn’t matter who the GM is. If the manager can make the group a team, it doesn’t matter who the GM is. His only job is to get the players. The question is…….has he? The jury is still out. But, I’m starting to wonder. I need to see something!

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