Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday at the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill

Welcome to the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill, a great place to celebrate birthdays for Thomas Jefferson and Butch Cassidy.EFBG

— Rangers outfielder Leonys Martin couldn’t stop talking about the catch George Springer made in the ninth inning on Sunday afternoon, leaping at the wall to take away a walkoff grand slam. Said Martin, “I can’t believe it. Every time I check my phone I see it. That would have been my first grand slam. I will remember that for years: a grand slam, walkoff home run, four RBI, score a run. That was sick.”

— Martin had a two-run single on Sunday but still has one hit in his last 22 at-bats and manager Jeff Banister said, “Don’t let the moment allow (Martin’s) swing to get too big. A hitter can get too amped up and get excited about the moment. When you’re not swinging the bat good, you get anxious. When we talk about staying stubborn with our approach, we’re talking about getting on base, using the wide-side of the field, swinging at hitters’ pitches, controlling the strike zone. All those things come into play.”

— Nolan Ryan’s Hall of Fame plaque will be on display this weekend at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock. The plaque will be on display along the third base concourse during the Round Rock Express Opening Weekend against Memphis. Ryan was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999.

— Angels pitcher Matt Shoemaker in 3-0 with a 1.80 ERA in three starts against the Rangers in his career. He is also 8-0 with a 1.65 ERA in his last nine starts going back to last season. Angels reliever Joe Smith has not allowed a run in his last 141/3 innings going back to last season.

— The Rangers lead the league with 11 hit by pitches. If you are wondering, the club record is 75 set in 2003. Alex Rodriguez holds the single-season record for a player, getting hit 16 times in 2001. Rougned Odor is a quarter-way there with four.

— Mitch Moreland was hit twice on Sunday after coming into the game as a substitute. That’s the first time that’s ever happened in club history.

— Hitting coach Dave Magadan on the number of hit by pitches: “That’s one way to get out on-base percentage up. Opposing pitchers are throwing inside to our guys and they are not commanding their pitches.”

— Ross Detwiler averaged 91.7 miles per hour on his fastball in his first start. So? He is the only Rangers starter over 90 miles per hour on the average. Derek Holland was 86.6 on his fastball in his start on Friday. He was 92.3 last season. That’s why the alarm bells went off.

— Jake Smolinski is still looking for his first hit but has four walks in his first 14 plate appearances as opposed to three in 92 plate appearances last season.

— The Rangers used three pinch-hitters in the eighth inning on Sunday and they all reached base either by walk or hit by pitch. That has happened just once since 1974.

— The other was on July 15, 1999. Left-hander Randy Johnson led the game after eighth innings with the Diamondbacks leading 2-0 at the Ballpark in Arlington. Right-hander Matt Mantei took over in the ninth and retired the first two hitters. Then manager Johnny Oates sent up three straight left-handed pinch hitters: Rusty Greer for Royce Clayton, Rafael Palmeiro for Luis Alicea and Lee Stevens for Jon Shave. All three walked and then Mark McLemore hit a three-run walkoff double.

— Monday is Thomas Jefferson’s birthday but he was not a baseball fan. Said Jefferson, “Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind.”

— Former Rangers infielder Doug Strange turned 51 on Monday.



Bannister got it right. I hope Martin is paying attention. The problem was not Springer catching that ball. The problem was Martin TRYING to hit a HR in that situation. As Wash used to say, take what the game gives you.

“Nolan Ryan’s Hall of Fame plaque will be on display this weekend at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock.” I remember my dad taking my brothers and me to Angels stadium in order to watch Nolan Ryan pitch against Catfish Hunter. Two professionals dueled into the ninth inning and a hit by Rod Carew won it for the Halos.

One week into the season and it glaringly clear, Mr. Bannister, isn’t aggressive. We need a leadoff hitter and heir Detwiller is a thrower not a pitcher. Send heir Detwiller down, bat Choo in the one spot and move on. Martin can’t handle the pressure of hitting # 1, doesn’t seem to understand what that means. And while you are at it go with a set lineup. Despite Peguero;s “new hitting style”, he is still striking out way too often. Nevertheless play him everyday. If Fielder isn’t going to hit homeruns trade him when he starts doing that. The window has closed on this team about two years ago. Daniels missed his opportunity, time to start tearing it down and trading for PITCHING.

Hope the jury is still out, but there’s a lot to what you said. It was clear a long time ago that Martin is not a lead off hitter, and Andrus deserves the 8th hole. Bannister and Peguero – don’t know, yet.

Martin faired well at the end of last year leading off. The jury is still out. Choo is a nice insurance policy if it doesn’t work out. 8 games tells nothing. This team is still trying to find out what it is. If Peguero continues to hit, (hitting .400) right now, I’m not too concerned about the strikeouts. 8 games tells nothing. If trading for pitching was so easy, I’m sure everyone would be doing it. They traded for Detwiler. My concern is with scouting because where are the young guys that have supposedly stocked the minor leagues? We watch the A’s constantly restock their rotation with guys who can pitch. If we are not getting good pitching, maybe scouting ability is in question? Then again, 8 games tells nothing. Regardless, I’m ready for some Chi-Chi! Regarding Prince Fielder, he’s hitting .394, smoking the ball, and I believe the home runs will come. 8 games tells nothing. Have patience. 154 more to go. Let’s see where we are by the All Star break when Holland should be coming back and maybe Martin Perez too. By the way, who are you going to trade for pitching? Joey Gallo? Jorge Alfaro? Nomar Mazara? I can hear the second guessing now if that happens. Be patient. 8 games tells nothing…..but who the band wagon uninformed fans are.

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