Home Opener at the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill

Welcome to the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill as the Rangers get ready for the home opener and the rest of the world celebrates the birthday of the Rifleman.EFBG

— Rangers manager Jeff Banister on the difference between Opening Day in Oakland and the home opener in Arlington: “You look in the stands (in Oakland) and you the green and yellow, people yelling at you, spitting venom on you. You see today – red, white and blue – everybody wearing Texas. It’s our house. It’s nobody else’s house. The home opener, I’m sure it will run the full gamut of emotions. The crowd echoes in my mind and my memories will be forever. You only get one of them. It’s special for my family, this group of players and the fans. It’s our house.”

— Banister said he and his son Jacob arrived at the ballpark at 7:45 a.m. and there were fans already there. Said Banister, “There were cars lined up, it was tremendous. I told Jacob, enjoy this, it’s special. It just shows you the passion of baseball fans.”

— The Rangers, going into the home opener, are 51-28 in the month of April since the start of 2012. That .646 winning percentage is the best in the American League.

— The Rangers scored three runs in the first three games and ten their fourth game. Only two other teams have scored three or less runs in their first three games of the season and then hit scored 10 or more in the fourth game. One was the 1876 Louisville Grays. The other was the 2003 Braves.

— Mitch Moreland on the Rangers first four games: “We’re right where we need to be. We’re going out there and leaving everything on the field every night. If we do that, we’ll be fine. It has been a lot of fun. At the same time, we’re getting our work in. It’s going to be a fun year.”

— Banister has an autographed football of Tony Romo displayed in his office along with a Lone Star Flag.

— Banister said he has an autographed football of Russell Wilson but left that one at home.

— Adrian Beltre’s home run on Thursday was his 396th of his career, tying him with Joe Carter for 55th all-time. He needs four more to reach 400. When he does, he’ll have passed Carter as well as Dale Murphy (398), Andres Galarraga (399) and Al Kaline (399). Beltre is fourth among active players behind Alex Rodriguez (655), Albert Pujols (521) and David Ortiz (466).

— C.J. Wilson did not pitch against the Rangers last season and will not pitch against them in the three-game series Monday-Wednesday in Arlington. The Rangers will miss both Jered Weaver and Wilson. They are scheduled to pitch Saturday and Sunday against the Royals. Wilson is 0-1 with a 9.70 ERA since he left the Rangers and signed with the Angels after the 2011 season.

— Right now the Angels are lining up with Hector Santiago on Monday, Drew Rucinski on Tuesday and Matt Shoemaker on Wednesday.

— The Rangers won’t miss Mariners ace Felix Hernandez. They’ll get him either next Friday or Saturday in Seattle.

— Prince Fielder, on going 5-for-15 with three RBI in the opening series against the Athletics, “It’s a good feeling knowing I’m healthy and playing hard. No worries.”

— The Rangers Opening Day payroll has been calculated at $142, 140, 873. That’s the eighth highest in Major League Baseball. The Dodgers lead at $272 million and the Yankees are next at $219 million.


What’s with Holland? Will this be 2014 all over again?

It’s no problem, I planned to be out & about anyway :)

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Wow, Bannister is very profound. When we are at home, we see people wearing our team colors. When the A’s are at home, they see people wearing their team colors. I bet, that pretty much every home team sees that at their home stadiums. Probably in all college, and professional ones too, basketball, football, baseball, and soccer. My son is in high school, when I went to his baseball game the other day, which was at home, by the way, I saw people wearing the home teams colors and shirts. It really was shocking, but I do digress. “Improved Hitting Ability.” When he speaketh of Peguero! Really?
Peguero’s problem has been and appears to be that he striketh out too much.
2014 Spring Stats 32 AB, 10 Hits, 8 K’S and BA of .313.
2015 Spring Stats 47 AB, 16 Hits, 18 K’S and BA of .340
So he had a .027 increase in BA. I sure hope PEGUERO turns into our next CRUZ, but to get up there and say improved hitting ability when he had a +8 in strikeouts is not forthright. How about, just say, hey he needs to cut down on his strikeouts, put the ball in play. The bottom line is Rua and Smolinski are the same type of player, Peguero and Edwards should have made it out of spring training.

Just wait til the Yankees and Red Sox come to town. Bannister, just might get confused and not realize he is playing at home. Back in the day, when you went to a home game with the Rangers against either of these teams, you would see a sea of black for Yankees, and Red for the Red Sox. So someone please let Bannister know about that before it happens.

Money doth not equate to success or happiness. The Yankees are terrible, the Rangers may end up that way, depending on what our young pitching does. Choo was a bad investment and apparently cannot stay healthy. Once he gets healthy, we need to trade that guy immediately, only my opinion. Martin ain’t cutting it as leadoff hitter by the way, how about Andrus, Odor or Peguero.

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