Tuesday morning: Rua in left, Scheppers back in Arlington

As of Tuesday morning

Ryan Rua and Jake Smolinski have been told they are on the team. No official word yet but it appears Rua has won the starting left field job and Smolinski will be the fourth outfielder

It appears all but assured that the Rangers will keep Rule 5 draft pick Delino DeShields. He has already taking ground balls at second base in addition to his regular work in the outfield.

Tanner Scheppers has been sent back to Arlington to have his right ankle examined by Dr. Keith Meister. Still no word yet about the MRI and if Scheppers will start the season on the disabled list.

Jamey Wright has been released and Shawn Tolleson is pitching in a B game


Someone please explain to me how the Rangers Brass can sit up there and say, we love Peguero’s new approach in the face of what I like to call controverting evidence: 2014 Spring training 19 games 32 ab’s, 7 base on balls, 8 strikeouts, .313 average 10 hits, 8 rbi’s. 2015 Spring Training, .350 average 19 games 40 ab’s 4 base on balls, 1 HR, 5 RBI’s and FIFTEEN STRIKEOUTS! Put that in your pipe and smoke it! But hey he has improved! So for every + 8 at bats he strikes out seven times. Not good.

@Fortworthian When the scouts were talking about his new approach, it was when we was batting in the mid-400s, about a week and a half to two weeks ago, before his recent heavy slump in the past week or so. You’re taking reports from weeks ago and spinning them as if they’re still being tossed around today, which they’re not. The FO and Banister have seemingly leaned toward DDJ all spring even when Peguero was killing it, so it’s not like his impressive spring up to that point was going to catapult him onto the roster, anyway.

…and furthermore, DeSheilds has been showing something lately in the way of marked improvement. His upside is huge. I still think we might see Peguero before the season is done though. DeShields has the potential to be a huge steal.

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