Ludwick told will not make the team, according to Daniels

The Rangers have told outfielder Ryan Ludwick that he will not make the team. Ludwick has left the team and will take a few days to decide his future.

“All-world guy,” general manager Jon Daniels said. “I hope he catches a big league job with another team. I think he can help somebody. As we look at it today, we thought other options in camp fit the roster better.”

The Rangers have five players vying for three spots: left field, corner outfield, last spot on the bench. The candidates are right-handed swinging Ryan Rua and Jake Smolinski, left-handed hitting Nate Schierholz and Carlos Peguero, and Rule 5 pick Delino DeShields.


I’m just spit balling here………. but let’s just say for conversation sake that Jon Daniels was hired last season by a consortium of other team owners to do a bit of “sand bagging”. That is by making a series of nonsense trades, running off the only legitimate front office personnel (see Nolan Ryan), and failing to keep talented players on the ranger payroll (see a long list of pitchers), while keeping the longest list of “Pine riding” malingerers in the 150 year history of Major League Baseball. It’s the only logical explanation I can make. I’m just saying……..

Show your work on the long list of talented pitchers.

Please include the nonsense trades and any proof you have that he ran off Nolan Ryan. Also, please include your list of “pine riding” malingerers so we can discuss. No need for the spit ball. Go ahead and throw your fastball.

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