Darvish press conference after leaving Thursday’s game

Yu Darvish held a short press conference in Japanese after leaving Thursday’s game after just one inning.

The press conference was held in one of the many tents that have sprouted up at Surprise Stadium. The press conference was almost impossible to hear for many reasons but this is the most reliable translation.

Q, Can you explain what was going on in the first inning?
I just had some (normal) tightness in my triceps, so I was throwing without putting too much effort, I was only focusing on my command.

Q,When did you start feeling the tightness?

Today,when I was throwing in the bullpen, it started to feel like it was tightening up, so from then on I started to throw without putting to much effort.

Q.So it wasn’t serious enough to stop throwing?
No it wasn’t that bad, so I just took the mound as normal.

Q.Did you have any experience like this in the past?

Q.Was it getting tighter as you threw in the first?

No, it felt like it was constant.

Q.You couldn’t loosen it up?
No, it didn’t change much,so after that I did not throw with might (with a lot of effort).

Q.So fans don’t need to be worried?
No, there’s no need to worry.

Q,Do you think you will need to skip your next side session?

Can somebody ask me about my pitching today,

Q.Are you disappointed?

No, it’s not,,,, if I was disappointed I wouldn’t be joking around.

Q.You had been working on your slide step and are able to throw some good balls this camp, how was it today?

I was able to control the ball overall today,it made me really realize that command is important and pitching is not just about velocity.

Q.Was your last pitch a change up?

Q,did you not think about throwing the slider?
Just one, one time.

Q.did it hurt more?
No didn’t feel anything(different) good.

Q.How was your silder?

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