Rangers: Darvish speaks to Japanese media


Yu Darvish held a press conference for the Japanese media. He has not done any interviews because visa problems have delayed his interpreter’s arrival to Spring Training. Here is what Darvish had to say after throwing live batting practice

Question: You said after your last bullpen session that you were looking forward to throwing to batters and see their reactions today, so how was it?

My command was very good and there was power on/to the ball, but the batters were pretty much just standing in the batter’s box so it was hard to judge.

Question: Chirinos caught you today and now 3 catchers have caught you, do you have any preference?

It doesn’t matter who catches me, I am concentrating on my form (delivery) and what I want to work on, so either if it’s in the pen (or on the field) it doesn’t matter so there is not much of a difference.

Question: So does that apply during the season too?


Question: Did you have any theme going into today’s session?

Since there are batters standing in the batter’s box, All I wanted to do what I had been doing in my 2 previous bullpens,

Question:You may have ramped up your strength a tad, but where you able to accomplish what you wanted to do?

Yes , I was able to do it.

Question: You said every year you need to work on your change up, how was it today facing batters?

I think I only threw one change up today, I think the others were sliders.but since my last bullpen it’s been really good and was able to get the feel for it, and today I think I was able to throw it well.

Question: But you don’t know how long that will last right?

Yes, I don’t know.

Question: Banister told us that he would like you to make all you starts, what are your thought on that?

Of course, that’s what everyone wants to do, I really have no comment on that

Question: Ever since you joined the Rangers, you had been throwing live BP on the first day, what are your thoughts on the change of program?

I don’t mind if we have live BP or not, but now I am able to throw in the bullpen beforehand and not overthrow, so I don’t strain myself in some awkward places (in my body)


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