Jurickson Profar to have surgery

Jurickson Profar had been throwing out to 105 feet with no major discomfort. He has been having MRIs every 3 weeks to monitor his situation. The MRI taken on Tuesday in Arlington showed increased strain on the subscapularis muscle in his right shoulder from the previous MRI. As a result, he will undergo right shoulder surgery on Monday in Arlington with surgery to be performed by Dr. Keith Meister. The timetable for recovery and rehab won’t be determined until the extent of the surgery is known.


Seriously? Is his arm made of glass?

Last season he was supposed to make it back in June and never did make it back. In hindsight he should have had the surgery a year ago. So two straight seasons missed for him?

He *did* have surgery last year. The MRI’s afterwards were clean, but as often is the case with shoulder surgeries, there was a re-occurance of the injury that has already been surgically repaired.

I stand corrected. He elected not to have surgery, probably because the implications for the rest of his career are extremely dire once the shoulder joint gets cut into.

I’ve never had faith that he would come back healthy. I’m a fan that wants wins, so just make the decision to keep Odor at 2B already.

We let go of Kinsler becasue this guy was the future at 2B. What a waste

Move on, this guy is damaged goods!!

What a shame, I thought he should have had the surgery last year when the thing didn’t respond to rehab, who knows how or if he’s able come back from this, , he’s always been looked upon as being a big makeup guy.. we will see if that’s true now. .. I’m certainly pulling for him.

Who is running this organization, the players, or the management. What did the Dr. recommend last year? IF the DR. recommended surgery last year, then why is the Rangers’ management, letting some uneducated kid, make a decision about his own health? It seems this happens far TOO OFTEN with the Rangers! They need to explain to the player, hey you are a commodity, we need you on the field. Basically, PROFAR has been unable to play for two full years now, due to his reluctance to have surgery. Now he is two years behind. Where is our SS depth now? Sardinas gone, Profar done, hopefully Elvis is motivated to play and stays healthy.

He was allowed to make the decision because it is HIS body and in a free society, that is how things work with adults. In hindsight, maybe he should’ve had the surgery earlier, but the only way to do it is his way. The Rangers handled this one right. He’s still young and this should only affect his throwing in the long term. That just pushes him from SS to 2B. Regarding SS depth,there are still options. Stay tuned. The Rangers front office isn’t as dumb as you seem to imply. They handled this with class. He was going to AAA this year anyway. There’s still time for him to become what he can be.

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