Rangers acquire RHP Anthony Ranaudo from Boston for LHP Robbie Ross, Jr.

The Rangers have acquired RHP Anthony Ranaudo from Boston for LHP Robbie Ross, Jr.

Ranaudo, 25, made his major league debut last season, going 4-3 with a 4.81 ERA (21 ER/39.1 IP) in 7 games/starts for Boston.  He spent the balance of the season at Triple-A Pawtucket, going 14-4 with a 2.61 ERA (40 ER/138.0 IP) in 24 games/starts.  He was named International League Most Valuable Pitcher last year after leading the league in wins, ERA, opponents average (.223), and winning percentage (.778).  The 14 wins were also tied for 3rd-most among all minor league pitchers.  He was also the Eastern League Pitcher of the Year in 2013.  Over four seasons in the minor leagues, Ranaudo has a 3.46 ERA while averaging 7.8 strikeouts per 9 innings and just 0.7 homers per 9 innings.
The 6-foot-7 right-hander was selected by Boston in the supplemental first round (39th overall) of the 2010 June draft out of Louisiana State University.  He earned the win for LSU in the clinching game of the 2009 College World Series.  He was also drafted by the Rangers in the 11th round of the 2007 June draft out of St. Rose High School in Belmar, New Jersey, but did not sign.
Ross Jr. was a member of the Rangers Opening Day rotation last season and finished the year in the bullpen.  He has seen action with Texas in each of the last three seasons, going 13-8 with a 3.98 ERA over 150 games/12 starts in his major league career.  Ross Jr. was originally selected by Texas in the 2nd round of the 2008 June draft.


Ross had played himself out with Texas; making him a starter was El Stupido, as many of JD’s ideas the past year and a half have been. He was very good as a 7th inning set-up guy, but making him a starter, TOTALLY ruined him……(read: Alexi Ogando, Neftali Feliz, Tanner Scheppers) Why we do this, is UN-believably stupid. I know nothing about the new 6’7″ pitcher, but surely, he’s better than some in our farm system. If Cotts is going to sign elsewhere, then look hard for a Lefty setup guy. JD, please, one thing I ask: PLEASE say we’ve seen the last of Michael Kirkman—total bust. (I hope his cancer is in remission, God bless him), but as a pitcher, NO!

I am so tired of hearing about the Rangers’ Top Prospects! Someone please tell me the name of a top prospect that will be playing on our 2015 team. Better yet, please list the “TOP PROSPECTS” that are on THIS 2015 ROSTER. Player Development to me means developing players that play for YOUR TEAM! I give you Holland, Scheppers,, Odor and Moreland. All others acquired via free agency or trade! The time has far since passed for the minor leagues to be feeding players onto the major league roster. The one trade that JD made, that has kept him in his job is the Atlanta trade. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE PITCHING FOLKS! CJ EDWARDS looks pretty good over there in Cub land.

This is alright, but I’d kill for a legitimate DH

Right, not Moreland. Marginal hitter at best, and he was our DH last year—WHAT is management thinking???? To me, pushing Nolan Ryan out the door, was a disgrace. I’ll NEVER have the same regard as I used to have. These owners stink, and JD is starting to have stench, too. I love my Rangers, but, how could we fall so far in only a short 3 years? Nolan would never have signed off on Prince, Choo, etc. Oh, well, just feel like ranting. I sure wish they could pull off a deal for Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee (remember him?) Johnny Cueto or Carlos Gonzalez. Just dreaming, I suppose.

Robby, I’ve got a hunch that you’re going to like having Price on the team this year. A deal for Carlos Gonzalez would be great and is one I’ve been hoping for ever since they’ve been dangling him and Tulo out there.

Price is ensconced in Detroit’s rotation, right? I don’t think with Scherzer gone, they’d part with a competent pitcher. Do you know something I don’t on Price? Also, Johnny Cueto would be nice with Gallardo, Holland, and Yu. I’ve almost put Hamels out of my sights. I think Carlos Gonzales comes with a huge contract, and I don’t think these “braintrust money men,” i.e. Bob and Ray, would sign off, especially after they “BUSTED” on Prince and Choo, Harrison, etc. What say you, Shed? (Or T.R.)

One of us can’t type (this guy). Prince is where I was going with that. I’ve got a hunch that guy will throw it down hard this year.

Guys getting injured does not equate to bust. Prince and Choo jury is still out. Let’s see if they can be healthy and then let’s see what they’ve got. The potential reward could be great. C’mon Spring Training!

Jake Smolinski – I hope he gets a shot as a full time starter. He can hit!!

You’re feeling Jake, huh? He’s certainly somebody worth keeping an eye on.

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