Rangers Acquire Detwilder

The Rangers have made a trade for LHP Ross Detwilder from the Washington Nationals. Texas traded 2 minor league players for the pitcher who has started and pitched in relief. The Rangers plan on giving Detwilder the opportunity to be a starter.

More on the website later.


The Rangers are reportedly interested in a 6’4″ 260 LB catcher, Evan Gattis of the Atlanta Braves? Is this the same “organization” who let Pudge Rodriguez slip away for fear he was never going to hold up in the Texas heat? Ridiculous! Gattis will fry behind the plate and will eventually have to DH or play first base. Go get a right handed outfield power bat and play Alfaro or Gimenez back there. Ridiculous! I believe Pudge caught another 10 years or more after leaving Texas.

Achtung! Heir DETWILER?

By the way, Daniels evidently has little man syndrome. Saw him out in Arizona last year and he stands around 5′ 3″ at his highest point.

Is it DETWILER OR DETWILDER. Heading lists DETWILDER! Is learning to spell or getting the name right of the person in your article part of a “JOURNALISTS” Job or are they simply around to report their agenda? Disregarding the truth and inflaming the public? I do believe it is Detwiler and from his picture he doesn’t look too happy to be here! Come on TR, I thought you were better than this. I bet you spell your dog’s name correctly!

How are those season ticket sales going? Thank God for your gazillion dollar tv revenue contract or you would be starving. The Rangers definitely were bitten by the injury bug, but if I were GM and I would have to give up about 2 feet in height to qualify over there, I trade Andrus for some prospects, dump that salary, and overpay for Shields. Then I go get UPTON, the one not named BJ, and go from there. This Franchise’s inability to develop quality starting pitching beginning with the draft has bit us for years. I then hire someone who has a track record of developing minor leaguers into major league pitchers. We need an ace and it doth appear the only way to get one is to overpay for him. Who is running the Giants or drafting those pitchers over there. They have Cain, Bumgarner, had the hippy freak doper on and on. We can’t hit on one? Give me a break. Stop spending all that time and effort on Dominican players and try and hit just once on a stud pitcher! It is sad that the greatest pitcher in your team history is Nolan Ryan at the end of his career no less. Did anyone think that it would be great for attendance to have that one guy, SCHERZER who can dominate the other team? How much is that worth. I think we all saw in 2014 the Giants who had the pitching! Do we have anyone that can compete against that staff, NO! Start building a staff. Holland, and Darvish are good starts. They can afford a Scherzer or even Shields. Stop pinching the pennies and go get him.

He had a 3.50 ERA in 50 starts 2011-’13. Looks like decent rotation candidate or possible swingman. I’d hope they pick up another more accomplished starter before spring.

What happened to the message board in the fan section it’s not there anymore

Looks like Preller was being held back by Daniels. Talk about creating excitement over in San Diego. A.J. has every player now that Daniels has ever lusted over. Johnson, Kemp and Upton. Wow! If I were GM, I try and sign Scherzer, if he would come here. Then I fit him with contact lenses. If we had that one ace, it would help. Shields can’t beat the Giants, so give me Scherzer.

Wow! Someone’s been hitting the egg nog early. Just one response to one of the many rants. Ron Darling, Walt Terrell, Jose Guzman, Edwin Correa, Bobby Witt, Kevin Brown, Rick Helling, R. A. Dickey, Colby Lewis, John Danks, Tommy Hunter, Pedro Strop, Tanner Scheppers, Neftali Feliz, Robbie Ross, Alexi Ogando, Matt Harrison, and Derek Holland are just a few of the pitchers that have been developed by the Rangers. I know that you want an ace but aces are not easy for anyone to come by. This isn’t the list of greatest pitchers but the Rangers haven’t been as bad as you suggest and it’s not as easy as you imply. And, Yu Darvish is pretty darn good and worth the money the Rangers spent to get him. Doesn’t he count in your assessment? As far as if you were GM, there is a reason why you are not and you are relegated to posting rants on a Blog. If you were that smart, you would be running a team somewhere…..like JD.

Regarding the Giants, Cain was taken at #25 so a lot more teams than the Rangers missed out on him. Bumgarner was taken at #10. 9 teams, not the Rangers, missed on him. The Rangers drafted at #17, took Blake Beavan and flipped him for ACE Cliff Lee in 2010. Remember him? Tim Lincecum was taken at #10 in the 2006 draft. 9 teams, not the Rangers, missed on him. The Rangers were two picks behind at #12 when they took Kasey Kiker who flopped.

It appears that you want the Rangers to be perfect in every way. I would like them to hit on an ace too, but aces are not easy to come by and they don’t seem to have much staying power. There are a limited number of aces out there.

Preller has made some waves for SD, but the jury is out on how smart he has been. Let’s let them play some ball and see what happens. Either way, you show some ignorance because you have such disdain for JD, yet you are now lauding his right hand man who was with him during all of the things you hate that he’s done. Surely you don’t think AJ spent all of his time arguing with JD trying to get him to let Nolan run things do you?

You have the gall to list Danks, Darling and Terrell? All who were given away traded and never pitched any meaningful games with Texas. Kevin Brown was the best of the bunch listed above taken #4 overall. Gone because he was mercurial. R.A.Dickey another pitcher who developed elsewhere. That is the common denominator, taken by the Rangers spent their careers pitching elsewhere. That is my issue. Draft a pitcher and keep him, maybe he develops for you. Ogando picked up via waiver claim, now gone. Harrison and Feliz by trade. (The trade that made Daniels). Is Daniels really that smart, Soriano for Wilkerson! Gonzalez the #1 Overall pick in the draft to San Diego for Adam Eaton and Japanese Closer. Nolan Ryan, Charlie Hough, Bert Blyleven, and Gaylord Perry still the Rangers’ best pitchers.

I forgot Ferguson Jenkins, but then again, I don’t like the guys that sniffed the white powder.

I also forgot Righetti. The bottom line is the Rangers “organization” has Notoriously traded away young pitchers. Daniels gave away Danks. If you look at most of our “prospects” you will see that most of them are still teenagers. Maybe someday, we will let these prospects get older and mature and then produce. We MUST draft a stud pitcher in MLB draft.

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