Korean pitcher not coming to United States

According to reports out of Korea, the Kia Tigers have rejected the winning bid for pitcher Hyeon-jong Yang. There have been conflicting reports as to whether the Rangers or the Twins submitted the highest bid. Either way, the bid has been rejected. The Rangers have to press on and find other ways to acquire starting pitching.

Presumably they will wait until after Thanksgiving and the 49ers-Seahawks game on Thursday night.


JD and crew pinching pennies again.

Wait until the Seahawks game? Is JD still holding out hope for Wilson?

By the way, I read an article listed on the other side which states: Ronald Guzman involved in an “accident”. When you go out and get blitzed and kill another person with a vehicle. that isn’t an “ACCIDENT” It is an assured probability! A person with a blood alcohol level of 0.15 or more is 25 TIMES more likely to be involved in a FATAL COLLISON than someone who is driving sober. So get it right! But hey keep on selling that Beer at the Ranger games.

I agree with the sentiments overall but I’ve not seen anything anywhere indicating Guzman was under the influence. In fact, what reporting I have seen is stating that he was not, including sources putting their name to that claim. Posting unsubstantiated accusations is irresponsible.

Welcome to the world of posts from the self proclaimed Driving While Intoxicated Drug Recognition Expert God. Get used to it. This was one of his mild rants.

Sad but true. Accusing innocent, underage parties of vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving from thousands of miles away based on zero evidence is fairly banal at this point. He’s set amazing standards of erroneousness over the years.

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