Rangers haven’t heard on Korean lefty

The Rangers have not been told they have won the bidding on Korean left-handed pitcher Hyeon-jong Yang. They and the Twins are considered the two most serious competitors. The Rangers won’t know until Yang’s team, the Kia Tigers, accept the bid and inform Major League Baseball. The team that wins the bid has 30 days to negotiate the contract.

Who is this guy…

this is from http://www.mlbtraderumors.com

Yang, who will be 27 in March, posted a 4.25 ERA with 8.6 K/9 and 4.0 BB/9 in 165 innings in Korea in 2014. Those numbers don’t sound that impressive at first, but each team scores an average of 5.63 runs per game in the offense-heavy KBO, far higher than in the Majors, and Yang’s season earned him the KBO’s equivalent of the Cy Young award. Yang is viewed as a mid-rotation starter with No. 2 starter upside, the New York Daily News’ Mark Feinsand reports. Yang has a smooth delivery and throws 92-95 MPH.


For anyone reading this, it is worth noting that Yang’s fastball is more commonly clocked in game at around 90 mph, and most scouting reports claim he can reach 92-93 when he’s feeling good. In addition, his slider is reportedly his out pitch, and he has a functional 12-6 curve ball and an inconsistent change up. His profile is probably more of a back end starter unless he can develop better control.

The posting fee numbers being reported would indicate back of the rotation material.

Great info … wonder how that profile compares to what’s available on the market here? My guess would be bottom half of rotation, too. He would really need a good change up.

Seems to be a lot of news on signings, but not with Rangers. Last seasons strategy of waiting till the end to get the good deals didn’t seem to work. The Fielder situation kind of fell into their lap, when Detroit wanted to unload. Good analysis is one thing, but when it leads to paralysis … we may have a problem. Can our management really wheel and deal with the other kingmakers, or are they just not part of the club?
I’m normally a supporter.

Who have the Rangers missed out on that you thought they had a need for and a realistic chance of signing?

Patience, JD already said they will not be players in the FA market, watch for trades

Seems like the “press” had indicated maybe Russell Martin. But, that turned out to be highly unrealistic. Ok, I’m waiting.

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