Young named special assistant to GM

The Rangers have officially named Michael Young as special assistant to general manager Jon Daniels. It is a title that Ivan Rodriguez, Darren Oliver and Greg Maddux hold. But Young has already taken an active role in the organization and was among the club officials who interviewed managerial candidates in October. This is not going to be a ceremonial position.


Good Deal. More cred for the baseball operations folks. Carries weight with players. Well done Daniels.

When Daniels approached Young about switching positions, then after unceremoniously dumping him on the Phillies, I thought Young would NEVER speak to Daniels again………..but, time heals all wounds, and I’m glad Michael is back with the Rangers Org.

Any thoughts on whether Young is destined for the front office as a GM, or for the dugout as a manager?

The Rangers are just getting their money’s worth out of Young. He retires and says he wants to spend more time with his family! He is gone for about one year and brought back on board? For what? Ticket sales, lend credibility to Daniels. No way, I do that if I am him! Daniels stabbed him in the back and you don’t forget those kind of things. Meanwhile over on the front page Bannister is lauded for beating cancer! Had enough of that already! I am sure there are other people that had cancer that died and it had nothing to do with the fact that they didn’t beat it. Some forms of it kill you that is reality! If beating cancer is a requirement to be a good manager, then all these mlb teams would be hiring a bunch of Dr’s! Tired of that spin already! Daniels mentions we rushed too many AA players to the majors and they weren’t ready! Shocker! In the same paragraph he goes on to mention the AA players he will rush to the majors in 2015! Ridiculous! The bottom line is we had too many injuries. My biggest issue is that they didn’t resign CRUZ. We have to go get him or maybe the Cuban from Boston. We need a right handed power bat and that was a serious misjudgment by Daniels.

The misjudgment was on the part of Cruz and his agent. Daniels made the qualifying offer and Cruz turned it down only to wind up accepting less than 60 cents on the dollar from Baltimore.

What players are Daniels planning on rushing next year? I missed the “paragraph” you’re referencing.

Agreed on Cruz hefe and I’m so glad Michael Young is a bigger man than DWIDREGOD. A little grace is good for the organization. Maybe Michael sees that JD isn’t such a bad guy and he wants to work with him because he loves the organization. What a concept! TEAM.

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