Colby Lewis to test market

the Rangers weren’t able to reach a quick agreement with free agent pitcher Colby Lewis. He has told the Rangers that he intends to test the market. The Rangers are holding open the door for his possible return but he will be free to talk money with other teams as early as Tuesday.


I’m not surprised Colby will be exploring other options; Stupid Ranger, i.e. Daniels’ policy of not being in any hurry, and not talking to a player (or his rep) during the season, is insanity. With the horrendous state of Ranger pitching, after Colby got his sea legs midway during the season, he was by far our best pitcher till Holland entered….but once Colby had proven he was sound, he came to Daniels in LA, I believe, wanting to know if he could work something out. Daniels, as always, played it coy and kinda cold, and now we see Colby, obviously disenchanted with Daniels’ decision-making slowness, is likely going to end up elsewhere. He, like Nelson Cruz last Winter, was a NO-BRAINER. Dumb, Daniels, REALLY dumb. Once more. Dumb!

DITTO DITTO DITTO – can not believe they would let Colby walk.

Rangers let Cotts, Baker and Colby go – that really makes sense for a team that professes they are looking for ‘proven’ pitchers! Really disgusting way to begin the off-season if they are trying to retain any of the fans or give them any glimmer of hope for 2015. What idiotic move will be next – trading Beltre?!

Lewis has earned the respect to go out in the market to gauge his value while Daniels keeps the door open for now. I imagine that what Colby likely finds is that he has a certain market value within the league which is probably in line with how the Rangers value him. Factoring the added value that he brings to this particular club as a staple for so many years, and I think a deal ultimately gets done between them.
The only wild card would be some other club going well beyond the projectable market for him, in which case I wouldn’t hold it against either Lewis or Daniels for looking out for the best interests of their own specific situations.
AS in NC

AS: You said, “Lewis has earned the respect to go out in the market to gauge his value while Daniels keeps the door open for now.” The main point I made initially was that Colby had approached Daniels a handful of times, answering questions after the game about his future, saying he’d like to work something out here, since this was the club who originally signed me, etc…..etc.” He wanted to be here and by stubbornness, the STUPID not negotiating during a season (VERY STUPID!) policy, and generally the new Regime of owners and their boy, JD—-if Nolan was here, he’d say, “Let’s get ‘er done!” Lewis’s post-game comments were very telling about his desire to be here, and he did approach “Management” a handful of times, but, predictably, to no avail.

Colby’s agent, Alan Nero was frying bigger fish, namely Joe Maddon’s deal with the Cubs.

@ ignitefreedom, 1st off love the name. Secondly, to the point on Lewis, it’s business, they’re all big boys, there was no reason in the middle of a lost season to negotiate with anyone. In my view it was the prudent move. That said, because it’s Lewis if Daniels had decided to extend him then I’d have been fine with it. Don’t want to lose him because I’m hoping he’s one of those guys in the organization beyond his playing days, but if Colby goes elsewhere I will cheer for him except when he’s pitching against the Rangers. And I will continue support both Daniels and Nolan Ryan. They’re not either/or for me. Just sayin
AS in NC

Can someone tell me why everybody’s getting so upset about Daniels allowing a replacement level pitcher explore his options ? I guess everyone has forgotten all the poundings this guy took last season…. Look, I like the cobra as much as the next guy BUT COME ON….. are you serious ? I would not be against bringing the guy back if there are no better options to be had…. but why was there a need to commit anything to a guy who is no better than a number 5 starter on a first division team..

Well played Samster. I agree with you completely on that. And, Colby is getting a bit long in the tooth so leverage isn’t something he has. He, like Nelson Cruz last year, may be over valuing himself. I like him at the right price.

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