Bogar won’t coach for the Rangers

Interim manager Tim Bogar is not returning to the Rangers. That was the conclusion after Bogar talked with GM Jon Daniels and manager Jeff Banister


Unfortunate. But, probably understandable. Good man; wish him well.

I think Jon should p, as he has done the rangers. ck his bags and find another team to break up. Bogar got the SHAFT.

Retype; Jon should pack his bag and find another team to break up as he has done the Rangers. Bogar got the SHAFT like several other players did last year. Look where then ended up.

CoCo, I’m not sure what you mean when you say JD broke up the Rangers. They didn’t pay big money to CJ Wilson. He got big money from the Angels and has been mediocre at best. They didn’t pay big money to Josh Hamilton. The Angels did and have gotten nothing but a lost baseball soul. I’ll give you Nelly, but only one team wanted to take a chance on him on a one year deal that, incidently, was less than the one from the Rangers that Nelly turned down. Injuries have hurt. It was time for Kinsler to go because the middle infield prospects coming up made for a crowd and you’re gonna love watching Rougned Odor if you don’t already. Napoli cannot catch anymore and we didn’t need a first baseman…at the time…So, what exactly do you mean when you say JD broke up the team. (..and, he had nothing to do with Wash leaving.) My opinion is that we have had a lull but good times are ahead and maybe sooner than you think. This organization is DEEP in young talent and they have the ability to make some good off season moves. I support JD here. Who else brought us to the brink as GM? (Nolan was part of a team effort. I love him but he cannot get all of the credit.)

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