Rangers announce Jeff Banister as new manager

The Rangers have officially announced Jeff Banister as their new manager

He will be introduced at a press conference on Friday

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said the club vetted over 40 names before selecting eight to interview. He said 12 club officials participated in the interview process.

Daniels said Banister “won the job” rather than anybody else lost it.

“What stood out is his presence,” Daniels said. “He is an impressive guy to meet. You can understand how he can command a room.”

The next step is set the coaching staff. Third base coach Gary Pettis has taken a job with the Astros.

Other coaches will meet with Banister including Tim Bogar and pitching coach Mike Maddux. Hitting coach Dave Magadan is interviewing with the Yankees and Mets.

Daniels said Banister will not have to keep any coaches he doesn’t want. Daniels will also have a say in the coaching staff.


I hate to see Pettis leav the Rangers.

I wonder … if the guttsy medical history of this new manager struck a chord with
Daniels soft spot for medical rehabs? Otherwise – good hire.

Seems like a good man; I thought more than 3 Ranger players would be present, but maybe I’m asking too much from the high-dollar players. Hope he’s the real deal–Now, we must keep Mike Maddux/Greg Maddux. I like Benji Molina, too, to mentor Cherinos and the younger latinos, esp. Catchers.

Bannister is the last mgr JD hires. He goes JD goes, glory glory!

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