Darvish: mild inflammation in elbow

Pitcher Yu Darvish has mild inflammation in right elbow. The Rangers don’t think it is a long-term concern. He will resume throwing with the discomfort subsides. He said he could pitch if he had to but does not want to risk his future.


Proof we’re tanking

From comments to Japanese media, Darvish appears to feel the Rangers pitching plan recovery schedule is too short. He said so many arm injuries were probably due to having to throw so hard in the States without as much recovery time as in Japan. Do we have a hangover from Nolan Ryan philosophies?

Nolan did have a plan and I saw video of him showing pitchers how to throw so that they didn’t hurt themselves.

Experienced die casting manufacturers understand the importance of
time and how a product’s success may have to depend highly
on the time released and availability of it in the market.
Less surface finishing and machining required for the castings.
The phones with the top smartphone ratings on the market today can almost replace laptops for
business or personal use (almost).

Weird nonsense

Vikram offers compassionate and individualized
services to each of his patients. Please note that these face exercises should be performed with firm massaging via the
fingertips, enough to sense the underlying muscle shift, but
not so hard as to induce discomfort. Alternatively,
sunken regions here will fill and the thin skin will emerge
more vibrant and have more volume.

The Forty Second (42nd) President of The United States of America and his loving spouse must remember that although they currently
reside in New York and rub elbows with high society they are the Clintons from Arkansas – not the Kennedy’s from Massachusetts.
Perhaps his focus on his career and helping others was how he was able to get through tragedy and come out the
other side. What follows are practical tips to help you face them:

Online traffic school offers convenience something those strapped for time so desperately
need. It can be a good idea to keep a camera with you in the car
in case you are in an accident. Louie Liu has been in the car aftermarket products industry for
5 years.

If you are thinking of moving to Scottsdale, Arizona to live, you will
have plenty of choices as to what kind of dwelling you
would like and where you want it to be. The main aim of Real
Estate Internet Marketing is to boost the number of leads you get that would eventually lead to prospects.
People living near your place would have their own houses.

Some ways that you can find stories are to
talk to your friends, look on the Internet, and read the local paper.
News websites are becoming a rage these days because one can easily log onto the website and get updates on latest happenings around
the world. It does not mean that the news of a state
is delivered to that particular state only.

These people believed that with these hair extensions,
their hair would become thicker. We may not like it, but sooner
or later half of us are forced to accept it. Another type of surgery for the bald head is the scalp reduction.

Leaving them locked up in a kennel is only going to
make them unhappy. For stubborn stains, use paste solution above and follow steps.
There are literally hundreds of companies competing for your
cleaning business.

They employ thousands of massage therapists and estheticians,
and everyone is making money. Each contains some of the other,
but Yin tends to be more nurturing, passive, introverted, calm, intuitive and soft.
Natural, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the longest
healing system in the world; it has been in constant practice
for thousands of years.

The features of a CMS system vary, but most include Web-based publishing, format management, revision control, and indexing, search, and retrieval.
Innovation Consulting Teams – Bottom Line help you develop your core competency in innovation in a systematic way.
Small World Labs More external facing, Enterprise
social networking service provider.

Backed by Tonka’s reputation for quality development, this is an RC plaything which will
last more than Xmas day. In more professional terms which most early education programs
use, it is referred to as blending sound spelling patterns.
‘ In fact there are so many documented benefits to reading with your

A good limousine provider can only help to make your experience better.

In short, we can say that limousine service nyc airport is
one of the best services, including cost effective rates, policies,
terms and conditions. Renting a car can be a tempting option,
but it comes with a few safety risks.

ll need to fully understand the risks of trading, and how to avoid them.
” This means, “Do you take an opposing trade to the
trade you see me take, based on the information you are privy to on your level 2&3 screens,
such as my Stops or, do you allow my trade to go directly to the bank, by-passing you, where the bank merely sees the order come in as ‘client of your brokerage house’, and they don’t see my
stops or even my name. It’s annoying when people talk over the television, especially Saturday morning cartoons.

To be able to retrieve Hard disk passwords, they generally run specialised software programs on your hard drive
not to mention reformat it. Thus if we can go through the above listed beneficent Notebook
power pack suggestions that can work to increase the Li-ion rechargeable battery
life. Have the ability to consider observe of
this when you help make your selection.

Nothing else is added to the baby food, resulting in the best nutritional food for
their growing baby. t like or need, but hopefully you will get a
fairly good selection of gifts. A one-stop shop sells a wide variety range of products from clothes toys infant food and even maternity clothes.

He’s also a breakdancer and Addie has had to wait for a year or so for his hair to grow out enough
for him to be more versatile and able to book more shows –
apparently it was shaved off in all sorts of ways.
Henry VIII wants Sir Thomas More’s blessing in his
action but does not get it as Sir Thomas More,
a good Catholic and Cardinal, will not go along with such heresy.
2011 AVN Prize – Best Tease Functioning – Car Wash Girls.

Even a company that may able to offer just a pair of these inns
to people will find the get industry difficult to compete in, as a result of
there are absolutely many travel services out there that
particular are doing exactly what it takes to make
sure customers offer the most excellent vacation packages coupled with accommodations around.
Three of the top rated hotels close to the Jaipur airport are Tordi
Havali, Hotel Kanchan Deep & Umaid Bhawan. The services of the hotel include Credit card facility, direct dialing phones, fax, internet caf.

You’re sure to find something interesting, fun, or just plain old weird.
I like simple keyboards when playing exciting games. Another variation of this game
is to play the Actor-in -Movie game; this game starts when a
player mentions an actor’s name then each player must think of a movie that this actor
is in.

This can be one of nice thing or terrible thing, depending on the form of binary options, trade
options and digital options merchant you are. In the absence of
the terms and conditions, there are chances that the broker is
a scam and traders are more likely to lose the investment.
Currently only the highest traded instruments are offered but as popular as the binary option trade becomes, the more instruments they
will provide.

Lean Six Sigma is the combination of two world-class approaches to organizational performance improvement,
Lean and Six Sigma. This warning should be conducted in the presence of the Human Resource officer, preferably in their office.
The Scottish CBI has said that businesses can make savings by employing the services of performance improvement consulting firms.

Jack, her brindle bulldog, paced the floor inside the house.

They don’t change their beliefs, they continue to act intimidating or cruel or selfish throughout the novel.
When Gandalf the wizard offers to send him adventuring, he refuses,
and invites him to tea to change the subject.

Place: During the holiday season, kiosks pop up throughout shopping malls and offer ‘bargain basement’ prices
on everything from perfume to eye shadow palettes.

I post reviews and articles about products
that have worked well for me personally. You
need to make sure that you have selected the right skin care products for your sensitive skin.

A growing business has increased revenue which results in more complex
accounting practices. The sheer volume of possible campaign templates makes it possible to keep the content fresh and interesting, while
nevertheless providing a varied approach to
couponing. Nevertheless when you do go back to work at least you will be able to
do so with renewed vigor and you might work even harder so that next time you can afford a longer vacation.

Since the Mumbai acting school run as full fledged institute, the curriculum involves a number of things that are
related with film and television. Learn SAP is tough but when you become SAP professional then sky is the limit for you.
And more advanced first aid training courses provide specific training for
handling emergency medical situations related
to people suffering from strokes, heart attacks or other conditions.

You may require guidance on purchasing, selling or leasing a business, shop or factory,
Carvill & Johnson Solicitors are determined to help make your purchase as stress-free as possible.
You just have to stick with your plan to see the results and you also to continue your experience and education about real estate business.
This means if new homeowner Tom can’t come up with the loan balance of
$100,000, he’s out of the house, lost his $10,000 cash he used as a down payment, all the mortgage payments he has made and
the house resorts back to the trustee’the law firm.

If the individual becomes restless and suffers from insomnia, it can be seen on his eyes and skin. Within this treatment dental professional can give the local anesthesia
to numb the painful teeth. The daily regime of either calorie restriction or exercise
increase has positive effects on the body function.

If you are not able to optimize your website for their needs and use patterns, they will probably use another site which offers them satisfaction.
Just like any other business aspect, taking the plunge into mobile
marketing needs to be planned. By far the most common technology currently in use today is 3G, also known as the third generation of
mobile broadband.

Entrepreneurs who are running established business and need funds for expansion can borrow unsecured business loans.
Procedure include in it is free from any hassle for which
it is liked by most. There is no way in which a loan will be provided to a
business which does not have security to cover the loan.

‘ He is the one of the modern architecture pioneers, and then said that it guiding principle for minimalist interior design. Think bold,
bright and fabulous colours – funky wallpaper, 70s
print cushions – be careful not to go overboard, you want to achieve
a contemporary 70s look rather than a tasteless one. Besides
enriched with a unique heritage of trust, fairness and business transparency, Thread Form Machine Industries is also empowered by
a robust infrastructural base comprising of cutting edge facilities and a range of advanced machinery.

Now you can get this excess cash supply through business cash advance from Rapid Capital Funding.
To have more odds of winning R&D financing, it can be
sensible to work with a grant application consultant.
The pro-rata system is the system used by the courts to determine what debtors can reasonably afford to pay.

With the presence of several e-commerce shopping platforms
on the World Wide Web, it is far easier to compare prices.
They come across the addresses of the publishing houses and the
book stores. Are you a Marathi Manoos who loves to read Marathi books and Marathi
novels and are unable to read the best Marathi books because you don’t find them or don’t have time to indulge in an extensive search (because of your job front or
other constraints).

32, which could sum up to annual average pays that range
from $15,065 – $17,410. They often selected products
in the health field, but not always. Moreover, you can only rise to this position if you have
four to eight years of general accounting experience.

If your potential customers are forced to do too much, it will
compromise the customer experience and your sales will suffer.
This is a fun onesie because it looks edgy and is perfect for parents who love the rock and roll look.
Experts can contribute significantly to the fashion technology domain of the apparel industry.

He told how to remove the metal sheet and suggested I clean the interior coils to see if that
might be the problem. You should be able to easily maintain it
as well so you can lessen high electricity cost. GE MRI Machines can be
produced on flat or 3D images of body to examine.

This enables anyone to bypass the actual restrictions of Apple so you’re able to gain access in order to barred files.
You can dismiss any individual item from the list of notification by just a swipe to the right.
But opine twice ahead using an unlocking software
package device which may irreparably damage the i – Phone.

Alter Ego includes a number of hair products, each and every meant to present exclusive
care and cleaning for a particular form of hair.

So these could be clothes suited for a particular season, matching accessories
etc. These ingredients include such Chinese herbs as Panax ginseng, Chinese Wolfberry,
Ganoderma lucidum, Dioscorea japonica, Galangae Rhizoma, Epimedium grandiflorum,
and Salvia miltiorrhiza.

Fire training will cover which types of fire extinguishers are for which types of
fire, as using the wrong one can be worse than doing nothing at all.
In this article we would go a bit more deep into the constructional and safety specifications
related to the installation and design of the fixed CO2 system.
Always check to make sure you know what equipment your boat is coming with.

Many people tend to think of tulips as a spring time only flower,
but in reality a good floral designer knows that they can get
them all year round. For instance, a lingerie bridal shower wording could say,
“Elizabeth is about to walk down the aisle; Let. Hana & Posy has tailored spray rose plants, ferns, succulents, and orchid plants among others with eco friendly accents such as living moss and dried coconut bark.

Write down your new measurements before your next virtual shopping trip.
com is an online coupons & cash back shopping portal designed to simplify your shopping experience, maximize
your savings, and make sure you have an exciting and comfortable experience every time you shop
online. Breading and frying raises fat, calorie, and sodium levels.

These formats are gaining popularity all over the globe.
Finally, play smartly and never let you to become a loser.
This helps new buyers to research about the books and read informative reviews before making the
final purchase.

You must create and start your own website that includes good advertising
and SEO in order to get Internet browsers to your site.
Of course I am and I am going to show you how you can do it in this
very article. Make a plan, stay focused, commit and most importantly–never ever give up.

Homeowners having bay windows normally use the vertical blinds.
Definitely, do grow comfortable with what is on offer, as
you may well discover key differences in what you are being offered.
You might have considered trying to block the sun light
from different reasons.

Most successful events are made possible through the services of an experienced conference organizer.
Many have struggled to find the most prominent start page
gadget organizer with little or no resemblance to the smoothness
that could be gained from igoogle search. Time utilization on commercial cleaning, these
days, lots of commercial cleaning service providers are available
in the market that could clean your work place either your office is not open, or
that is in the early morning before your office timings, or when your office is closed,
and that is at late night.

Learning about important social issues can spark your innate
desire to make a positive impact in society.

Among SUVs you can opt for Jeep Wrangler Los Angeles which
is often hired by families to go on long tours. Then see the
type of cars available at their end by visiting their website or
by visiting the dealers in the town.

Go to right now by clicking the link or copying
and pasting into your browser. You ought to able to get in touch with your
dentist at whatever time by cell phone or calling their answering service.
The process of selecting a good dentist can be
challenging because there are thousands of dentists who have different office hours
and specializations.

You should check their appropriate licensing, weather
they have a mover’s state licenses or not. A good feature of these web portals is they
accomplish all the rest of the task for you.

And this will definitely be beneficial to you once you are in a
tight situation during your moving process.

In recent years, some candidates have used aerial ads to spread their message, and for good
reason. While it was capitalists who built these structures, they won’t be needed to take them down. The top 10 Protoss race strategies of Star – Craft II are
2 and 4 Gateway Push, Push Rush, Mass Stalker, Fast
Void Ray, Colossus Tech, Warp Prism Techniques, Dark Templar and High Templar
Rush, 3 Gateway and 1 Robotics push.

Finding a bus or taxi or jeepney can be a fun experience but it is more likely to be a trying
experience, so it is best if someone can meet you and help you get oriented
for the first trip from the airport to your place of residence.
during a 20-minute videotaped interrogation session. I’d only advise you to utilize the personals
as a supplemental means to meet women, not as your
only means to meet new women.

It is only where there is insufficient evidence to support a claim once the false evidence
has been excluded that the court will strike out the proceedings.

Opportunity knocked and you responded, but now you’re wondering about some new problems rearing their potentially ugly heads.
If your application is not successful you are likely to have
to pay your dishonest opponents costs and you will also give him a
moral victory.

If you are a teenager or a young adult with good looks you
might aspire to become an ace model of your country or the world.

The standard cab is available for 2 – 3 passengers and with 2 doors, Super can offers 2 smaller doors and can accodomate 5 – 6 people and the last Crew Cab offers
accodomation for 5 – 6 people and has full sized four doors.

Photo Books: Create your own customized Photo – Books.

way 2–Best Ways to Change Hair Styles in DC Universe Online.

The John Masters Organics collection also includes a line of organic
body care products. Getting daily doses of 8 to 10mg might help in the battle of hair thinning issue.

Next thing you would want to do is start a lifestyle change,
like start walking either in the mornings before going into work at lunch or after you get work.

t like one particular ingredient, alternatives are suggested.
Exercise – Fat is burned from your body when cells oxidize
to release power by means of exercising.

Leading within the roof structure ended up being amenable,
not to mention carried this cowl alternatively louvred vent.
If you are going to entertain or educate your children, it doesn’t matter because
you can always make use of the best educational apps
for kids. When touched, any object in the illustration will be read aloud,
and words will fly around the screen.

For home use, cube ice machines of 100kg to 1000kg can be used,
 though in large scale and industries such as supermarkets 2ton to 200 ton is recommended.
The light can be used at different angles to highlight
certain details of the specimen, like bumps or ridges, which
are features of rocks or metals. They will quickly come back to you with a list of suitable

Garlic is a common food item added for the preparation of food recipes,
especially sandwiches. Predictable experiment suchlike Hb – A1c are
recommended which is an superior indicator of polysyllabic quantity diabetes restrain over prefatory 2-3 months.
To keep yourself relaxed and positive by meditation and to make
yourself busy in some hobby can also contribute a
lot to the treatment.

You can find plentiful of furnishings stores which offer wide variety of furnishings at affordable price tag.
Because of its sturdiness, bamboo is an ideal material
for decorating an outdoor space. They only have to go on the site, look for what they want by
way of the style of furniture and then place an order.

Web design includes features like anchors, a nice silo structure, easy navigation, content and SEO.
If you have visited yahoo then you may have observed that it’s filled with banners, links, news,
photos and a lot more. So, logon to the internet
and go through the different Los Angeles web design firms and check
out what they are best at.

With new cookware, it’s nice to have new spatulas, spoons, whisks etc.
Mixing two or more brands and bottles of beer or wine is
recommended especially if you are not familiar with the
types or brands he loves to consume. Gift giving in this case is indispensable to enhance the feelings
or atmosphere.

Also, have more than one squeeze page design to see which one works best.
They should be sent after a specific period of time to develop good relationships
with your email contact list. There is absolute reliability in message sending and delivering activity of these organizations.

Hosting on the shared server is inexpensive considering that the servers have the ability to
accommodate several internet sites immediately, for that reason reducing operating costs.
No less than 256MB certain ram is recommended to be able to operate your control panels
and database driven internet sites easily. You will discover quantity of companies
delivering remote server administration and monitoring expert services, you can rent them to monitor your server 24×7 and
solve if there some error.

If possible, quickly remove the problem (in this case, the
dish of pasta) from the customer’s sight. These coupons are particularly helpful to the frequent visitors.
mousseline-sauce to which whipped cream has been added.

Just make sure you include these parts as you go through brochure printing
to have the best output to use in your business. Tell them everything and let them decide if it is worth it.
With more and more investments made by private players in the hospitality sector,
immense offers and services will be there, attracting tourists throughout the year.

s always important to play free games and practice well before you starts playing
with real money. Playing different kinds of games is ideal to find the type that
interests you the most. An app that has recently experienced great
success is a puzzle that involves candy.

While both Dell and Alienware have been proved to dislike calling the revolutionary 11 inch device a
gaming “netbook”; their official marketing ads calls the M11x a “sub-15 inch” gaming laptop.
This will be the final component to take into account when developing a gaming laptop.
Best gaming laptops under 1000 dollars The P79003FX also includes a
feature that allows that you plug the notebook into an HDTV.

If 1 follow lots of dollars about the way to spare, contemplate tradition construction your get laptop.
These days, using the Internet, gaming laptops can be the perfect
tools and keep parents in touch using their
college going children.

I mentioned hypoglycemia earlier in the context of
creating an exercise program that avoids triggering it.
One way to manage your weight is to stay way from foods laden with saturated
fats, and sugars. 0pt; font-family:”Times New Roman”,”serif”; Peoplewith type 2 diabetes are susceptible to another life threatening conditionknown as hyperosmolar
nonketotic state, characterized by extremely high bloodsugar levels.

PTSD often replaces a person’s hopes and dreams with
fear and anxiety, as symptoms of PTSD can drastically impact a person’s life.
Parameters like toughness, tensile strength, wear resistance, etc.
The local residents of Cambodia collecteurine from a cow which is believed to have medicinal properties.

Do this sparingly because you can easily be accused of spamming the forum
and be consequently banned. With the popularity of online mode of shopping,
you can purchase these items from the comfort of
your home. It is designed to hold watches, with its 15 padded cushions,
but it can also accommodate bracelets, necklaces and pins.

For more insights and additional information about Forex Trading Software as well as finding out
more about the leading Forex trading software packages
available today, please visit our web site at. Once a loss occurs a sudden state of
panic can occur in your mind and you may start to realise that
you are falling behind. This leaves the trader to look for another one that is suitable for the current conditions.

However, there are many ways to utilize old perfumes.

Rashes tend to turn colors and then make your
skin dry, which leaves a mark. Efforts to create each and every
bottle, each specific flavor, and the secrecy
maintained by all parties involved is amazing.

You could have a very sofa under your loft, but should your studio space will not come using a closet, you may need the under bed space
for storage. If you’ve got children or pets, you might want to avoid extremely expensive leather sofas and opt for some stain-proof material instead.
Yet another position, which you’ve to consider when selecting your sofa,
can be the transportation of sofa in your property.

When you need to get any of those sofas, you should take in consideration everything you building are similar to and
then the paint and size of your sitting room is considered.

The Wilson offers 3 king beds, 1 Queen as well as a sleeper sofa
along with a fitness room, hot spa and 3 decks.

Thanks to the computer and Internet era, you don’t have
to remember every word by heart as you can come back to the blogs
any time you want. One of the strategies
will be content writing and you have to constantly work
on the specific section in order to gain with your business.
This means technicians are free from repeat calls that take time and money.

The Afterschool Karate service has been run for the last 15 years,
in conjunction with the regular martial arts and MMA training offered at his J Park Karate school, and was one
of the first such programs in the country. The salary of your security guard can differ
based on encounter, training, authority and many other factors.
He’s a great man, you know, and we just got to know each other
from a completely different side.

You can really pick ANYTHING that works for you and then commit to making it happen. A biography
of the artist, the title of the painting and the story
behind it, a track record of the artists exhibitions and photos showing the artist holding the work in question are all equally valuable within the
larger framework of an investment but are no proof of
the authenticity of the painting. re flooded with uncomfortable
images and messages that remind us that we really need to take good care of our health.

Speed of trading: Traditionally commodities are pit traded and in order to trade a
speculator would need to contact a broker by telephone to place the order who then transmits that
order to the pit to be executed. Compared to traditional means of commerce, binary options has several advantages.

The owner places a call option on his binary option trade if he thinks that at the expiry
time the option will be higher than the current price.

Free You – Tube movies saves time by letting you download and
watch online many videos in a single operation. This is a very simple process as your channel is automatically generated for
you when you sign up for a new You – Tube account.

The answer is quite basic, like most popular sites, Youtube
is actually choked with too many actors, singers and talents, waiting to be the next
mega stars.

This information will determine whether the buyer is even interested in the vehicle to begin with.
Users can send listings to their friends through facebook and twitter on the mobile app so those of us who like to
brag about our new quick release or HID headlights will love this feature.
That might have been a mistake because, after a long encounter with a persistent salesman,
those directions cost us a couple of hundred bucks.

The limousines are driven by well trained and experienced professionals and
are fully insured drivers. Jaipur (the capital city), Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Kota, Ranthambhore,
Jaisalmer, Mandawa, etc are popular tourist
places in the state with lots of catchy attractions.
My position as VP of a large accounting
firm means that short of mainlining caffeine to
steady my nerves, constantly drinking espressos is the only way to
keep my brain from spinning out of control.

In 1993 Apogee games released the sequel to their side-scrolling
wonder Duken Nukem, and titled it Duke Nukem II.
Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses are one of the best sellers, as well.
A person can actually use this throughout the day without
having a feeling of fatigue and eye irritation.

Online competition is heavy and discount deals offer a company a competitive edge over completion while offering consumers savings.
Park avenue is one of the popular brands for producing
the personal care products for men. As with Saving –
Star, Checkout 51 and Ibotta require you to hit a rebate threshold before
you can cash out.

Nerf bars and running boards: There is really a selection of Nerf bars, running boards and side tubes as well.
There are just a couple of factors that affect
the choice in choosing the correct toy for a youngster.
Nerf retaliator review They learn how to communicate politely
with babies in exchanging of toys.

In lifestyle, many parents always complain that their children love to dismantle kids toys bought for them.
After play time or before each goes home leave time for the crooks to put the toys
away where they belong.

We were fortunate in the past that White-Westinghouse made a washer
and dryer that could either stack or perhaps installed within counter.

Whirlpool cabrio dryer troubleshooting guide They are tear-resistant and gaze after
a great look, regardless of the natural elements that they have to face.

You will likely be able to discover this Whirlpool Gold
Bottom-Mount Refrigerator to have an average expense of $1,200.
With this system in play, the washer ensures water temperatures are high enough to
effectively breakdown detergent particles without scorching your clothing.

The Vivo – Book is usually an inexpensive laptop that is already touchscreen. IPad Isn’t a great
primary computer in comparison to laptop with comfortable
keyboards and stuff. Good laptops for college yahoo Have any of these tried buying cheap laptops from your
internet before.

Aside through the common aspects of concer for example the
price along with the quality with the laptop, ask them regarding the customer experience and guarantees, too.
Toshiba can be a well known laptop brand that is really a wide various
laptops across a broad range of prices.

Both the manufacturing enterprise, Service Provider, or Network Media companies have
enjoy waving the Olympic brand, to bloom in the warm summer
light out passionate. In 1998, we basically put all the offices
have adjusted over the whole into the form of dealers.
By taking part in boxercise kids can learn valuable boxing combinations, foot and hand speed,
heavy bag workout and sparring.

If they used stainless for the body as well, the weight could become a negative.
Apart from adjusting the light, the auto control also switches off the extra lights.
Next, we look at a homo epitaxy technique called Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth (ELO) technique which seeks to
grow a homogenous crystal laterally on an insulator.

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