Rangers claim Mike Carp

The Rangers have claimed first baseman Mike Carp from the Red Sox. He will join the Rangers tomorrow in Chicago. Alexi Ogando has been transferred to the 60-day disabled list but the Rangers will make a 25-man roster move tomorrow.


Why don’t the just fire Daniels and Washington already?

How is this season’s disaster of injuries supposed to be Wash’s fault, exactly?
Perhaps you can fault Daniels for not doing more to ensure his players received the best injury-preventing conditioning regimen (and certainly for letting his ego get in the way of smarter negotiations with players / agents, impacting retaining & attracting the best talent), but…how is it the field manager’s fault, really?

Sorry to see Carp discarded but hopefully he will now play and provide some help there. As far as Sox go, can someone say why Buckholtz is still around? The guy needs a shrink it seems unless he has some physical problem still. Sox are in the Abbott and Costello stage: whose on the mound today??

Man the Rangers are loaded with left fielders, Adducci, Choo, Robertson, Smolinski, Carp. This organization is in deep do do. Most of our top pitching prospects are in A ball. All we hear about is how “great” this minor league system is. St. Louis has a better one. Every one they pull up produces. Not so much here. Other than Martin Perez and Derek Holland, name one starting pitcher we have drafted, developed and kept. Danks, Righetti, and Terrell do not count. Until this “organization” understands that they are going to have to develop our own homegrown stud ace pitchers, we won’t win!

I don’t know….Oscar Taveras was can’t miss for the Cardinals and he hasn’t produced yet. It takes some time. This year has become a “development” year. I think we have seen some positive stuff from Nick Martinez, Miles Mikolas, and even Tepesch at times. Roman Mendez? Rougned Odor has also grown since he came up and he appears to be a keeper. Robertson is another acquisition who can be a David Murphy type extra outfielder. And, there are some pretty good pitchers that are now in Frisco. So, don’t be so critical. I think that developing a home grown stud ace pitcher is easier said than done. But, we should have a good opportunity at one in next year’s draft. Hang in there. This year is tough, but next year will be better. I just wonder what to do with Profar. Even with the experience and development of Odor, a year or at least part of it in AAA next couldn’t hurt while we find out what Profar is going to be. How about next year’s rotation? Darvish, Holland, Lewis, hopefully an acquisition of a solid MLB pitcher, and Martin Perez? (Supplemented by some of these young arms we’ve seen this year who will have more experience?) Fielder will be back, maybe Mitch Moreland. Hopefully they can acquire another big bat too. I don’t expect them to keep Rios. As bad as it seems, it’s really not that bad going into next year.

The biggest question is the 40 man roster and all of the players that will be eligible for the Rule 5 draft. It will be interesting to see what happens. We will likely lose some good young talent.

But, we will be one year closer to the likes of Joey Gallo, Jorge Alfaro, Luke Jackson, Chi Chi Gonzalez, etc., etc., etc.

Good shout out on Roman Mendez. That dude’s a beast and we’re going to love having him for years to come.

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