Rangers listening on Cotts, Frasor

The Rangers called up reliever Matt West on Thursday as the possibility looms they could trade veteran relievers Neal Cotts and Jason Frasor this month. There appears to be some interest in both even though Frasor has struggled lately. Both are free agents at the end of the season and the Rangers are more interested in looking at as many young players as possible.


Interesting. Why would this offering of players ever get published? Doesn’t this type of publicity risk causing performance issues … or, maybe it’s just the reverse? Seems strange to me. But, I’m all for unloading the bus … and the shortstop and centerfielder should top the list of everyday players. Problem is … there may be no takers.

I can’t think of any contenders offhand in need of a SS. Who plays CF next season if Martin is dealt? As far as the rumors, I’m 100% positive that Cotts and Frasor have been aware that this situation has been developing for weeks. If I can figure it out from rural Oklahoma, I’m sure they’re agents are on top of it. Dozens of players deal with being shopped every July.

Sardinas and Robertson would be better than the regulars right now.

No. Neither of them is or will be next season. I realize it’s been a frustrating season but that’s just a completely ridiculous statement. If Robertson were as good as Martin he’d have been given a chance in the big leagues prior to being a stopgap option as a back up on an injury racked team at age 28. Common sense.

Just what Daniels wanted the Rangers are the worst team in baseball. John Daniels never wanted the team to win. he needs to go.

It’s time for a fire sale!! This reminds me of the 70’s. All players whose contracts allow should be made available for a team in the pennant race, then rob their farm system (esp pitchers!!). The guys they’ve brought up due to the injury parade obviously aren’t the answer.

Martin is where he is as a result of a signing situation that involved up front money. He’s been treated as a primadonna and never lived up to the billing. Robertson has a track record of producing at triple A. Just watching the two today should be all you need to show who is clearly better. As for the gooffy Andrus, he does nothing, except maybe bunt, that qualifies as average major league performance.

Daniels has his faults … the biggest seems to be expecting too much from “medical” come backs. But, on the whole I do like him; it’s just time for some drastic moves.

Leonys Martin is not the problem for thist team, I can ffind numerous other factors which have been much greater factors in the demise of this team. He’s a league average regular at least. I understand that the season has been a exercise in frustration,but smart people don’t dump players as a result of frustration without having a viable alternative
. This team will be back in contention within 2 years. I’m not expecting this mess to be fixed overnight like some think, as I’ve seen some who believe we will contend in 2015, but you don’t fix this in 1 off season, you don’t fix it by acting foolishly with ill advised player transactions either.
Jon Daniels has had three consecutive bad off seasons and we experienced possibility the worst run of injuries in the history of this league, however we should have Holland back within a month and back to full strength by 2015, Perez should be back by the all-star break next season. I really think you need a couple of starting pitchers, maybe comes between Lujack and Chi
Chi, then maybe you bring back Cliff Lee to round things out.
Also the Jon Daniels is definitely the right man to rebuild this thing, he’s been taking a world class ripping as a result of this list season but it isn’t lost on me what he’s doing with our minor league system. A lot of these high ceiling kids are really starting to develop and making real progress down on the farm while the big club takes their nightly pounding, names like Gallo, Williams, Brinson, Mazara, Dimerrite,Cordell,Alfaro and Beras aren’t house names but have huge ceilings and are coming fast, All of whom were drafted or signed by team Daniels I might add,
just a little food for thought as well as a word of encouragement for those mired in frustration.

Samster, if I may add to that: while this season is frustrating, the future could be even brighter in regards to our prospects because our farm system should get stocked next year with an influx of top tier draft talent because of how badly the current team is. The future is looking bright and JD is indeed the right man to rebuild this thing.

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