Choice optioned, Murphy designated for assignment

The Rangers have recalled right-handed pitcher Roman Mendez from Triple-A Round Rock, and have purchased the contract of outfielder Jake Smolinski from Round Rock. They have optioned outfielder and designated hitter Michael Choice to Round Rock, and have designated infielder Donnie Murphy for assignment.

Right-handed pitcher Nick Martinez has been scratched from his start Tuesday with discomfort in his left side he sustained in batting practice last week. The Rangers are not making an official roster move Monday, but Phil Irwin will be recalled from Round Rock to pitch Tuesday. Irwin was claimed from the Pirates about six weeks ago, and Martinez will likely head to the disabled list Tuesday.


A bunch of inadequate moves which will solve none of the Ranger’s problems!
Accurately called “grasping for straws.”

It sounds like you’re ascribing a heightened meaning to some minor tweaks. There is no solving the level of injuries this club has dealt with.

Big sell off needed.

I think it’s a good move, he’s overmatched here, let him go down and collect himself, maybe make some adjustments in his approach and his swing as well, then see if he’s ready to compete next year.
Anybody know who the top pitching prospect for the 2015 first year player draft is ? I have a feeling he may be available when our turn to pick comes around next year.

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