Richard Durrett Memorial Fund

First of all, thank you for the overwhelming number of e-mails, text messages and Twitter tweets in regards to Richard Durrett. The response is overwhelming but not unexpected because of who he is. Difficult to respond individually to everybody. Another day and another game.

But Jeff Wilson and I and many many of Richard’s friends are eternally grateful for the kind words.

There isn’t really much to say. The memorial fund information from the Rangers is below. All I can think of are the immortal words of Daniel Patrick Moynihan from 50 years ago.

“Yes we will smile again, But we will never be young again.”


Arlington, TX – The Texas Rangers today announced the establishment of a fund for the family of the late Richard Durrett.

Mr. Durrett, who covered the Texas Rangers for the last decade, first for the Dallas Morning News and more recently for, passed away suddenly on Tuesday at the age of 38.

Donations can be made at or through the mail at Richard Durrett Family Fund, Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation, 1000 Ballpark Way, Suite 400, Arlington, TX 76011. Donations made through the Rangers Foundation in his memory will be directed to the Richard Durrett Family Fund.

Donations can also be made to the Richard Durrett Family Fund, c/o Liberty Bank, 3880 Hulen Street, suite 100, Fort Worth, TX 76107 or at any of their five metroplex locations.


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