Fielder out for the season with surgery on neck

Prince Fielder will have surgery to repair herniated disk…expected to be out 3-4 months…. Surgery is pending second opinion….but expected on Tuesday



I think Rua played some second base at Frisco last year. Wonder if he might be an option to help out at second as well as third and first when needed. Also wondering if Rangers would consider giving Gallo a chance at Frisco or moving him to first base where he is at until he is comfortable. Maybe future first baseman instead of future third baseman. I would be hoping Fielder returns and is the same monster that raked in Milwaukee. But I think you need contingency plan if he never returns to form. You never know with back and neck injuries, especially when they require surgery.

Maybe it’s time for a reality check and consider a fire sale mode. Pieces that could be considered would be: Rios (good player), Andrus, Martin, Moreland, and Arencibia.

Elvis is under contract long term and will be in his prime when the next wave of prospects potentially arrive in 2016. He is the type of player a building team obtains, not sheds. Martin and Moreland also under control for next several years due to lack of service time. Who is going to give you anything for Arencibia? Already assigned to minors for not hitting. Zero trade value there.

Rios on the other hand would have good trade value and is in last year of contract. And if they like him they can always bid on him this winter and bring him back. Soria might have some value if you believe Feliz will be ready to return and close by next year. Frazier and Cotts probably also have good value.

But don’t think a fire sale is called for. Gotta give the fans some reason to come to the park. And if you trade players you control long term for what would be short term replacements you could turn yourself in to the Houston Astros in a hurry.

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While there is no physical comparison between myself and Prince Fielder, I did have the same injury and required the same surgery. I had pronounced weakness on my left side and lost the use of my left arm after surgery. After 3 months, I did regain the use of the arm but even after extensive rehab, it is still is very weak. I really hope that Prince does not have the same results. He has a lot going for him on the plus side; young, physically fit, and highly motivated. This could be a rough ride for him. Let’s pray it is not.

Sorry to hear you did not fully recover. As a Ranger fan I did not like reading that. How fully he is able to recover is a major concern. If he comes back but still has weakness so is less of a hitter than the past he will not help the team. For him as a player and human being I hope the best.

Contract considerations sure are a consideration as to who could go – practically speaking. My thought was to offer up present mediocre players for a few unproven ones with higher upside. Still don’t think those mentioned will be very productive going forward.

Honored to have this conversation. To get someone with plus side have to give up someone with plus side. Elvis is attractive to keep for same reason anyone would want him. Ditto Rios, Andrus, Martin, Moreland, and Arencibia. Arencibia had trade value a couple years back but not now. Teams would see him as a failure and would give you nothing but a bag of balls for him.

Exactly correct on possible trade value. Some may be attractive enough to have takers; maybe you package the one who doesn’t with the others. But the point was : this could be the opportunity to unload them all for some greater potential. I’m not very high on them, and would rather watch some alternatives.

We didn’t have Prince Fielder last year and the Rangers still had a great team. Let’s not over react to this.

Then again last year they had a veteran catcher who could hit. And they had Nelson Cruz who was on target for that 35-40 HR season. That is the Nelson Cruz who is leading all of MLB in HRs at the moment I write this. And they had a second baseman who was going to hit closer to .300 than .200. The only bat left in this lineup that would scare me as a pitcher is Beltre. Pitch around him and you can cruise for 2-3 inning until his next turn most nights.

Opportunities abound though. Moreland now knows he is in the lineup every day and possibly as #3 hitter with Beltre for protection. This is the year for him to break out or reveal himself as a backup 1B/OF player. If Odor or Sardinas get comfortable and have good second halves they may never return to minors. Team will be pressed to make a decision to make one of them the second baseman of the future and trade Profar or trade one or both of them. And great opportunity for Tepesch or Martinez to show they are ready and belong in a major league rotation next year.

This year, Choo is better than any left fielder we had last year.
We are lacking at catcher offensively.
I wish we still had Cruz, but having somebody with a higher on OBPS who can run good routes in the outfield should help offset not having Cruz’s power.

…is what I tell myself to sleep well at night

I don’t know how this season will play out but how can true fans not be inspired by the brand of Ranger baseball we’ve been seeing over the past few games. This team still has resilience, young guys are stepping up, let’s see what happens and enjoy the ride. Over the last few years, “the plan” has been to build an organization that can sustain winning. This year is the biggest test to see where they are in “the plan”. I’m fine with watching this team and seeing Wash continue to get the best out of what he has. Players play for that man and that is a great thing.

Agree with young guys coming through lately. And to be clear I am not jumping off the train. Looking forward to how Tepesch and Martinez and Odor finish out the season. Just a little concerned team might be tempted to do another Garza type trade and trade those young guys who are standing up or are on the way for a rental of limited value. I saw that trade and the Dempster trade the year before as a deviation from “the plan” and my biggest concern would be a repeat of that this year. If I were in charge I would ride with these youngsters and see if they are ready and regroup this winter based on what is seen rest of this year.

Agreed. I’d kill to have Neil Ramirez and Justin Grimm right now with CJ Edwards not to far away from the bigs.

I think the rationale behind making trades like Dempster and Garza is that you feel like your deep enough in the minor leagues to do it. This year is proving it to be so at least for now and there are two more waves coming. I support if the organization feels like they are a player away from the promised land, go for it but don’t sell the entire farm for one year. And, you have to give something to get something. I’m cool with it all. That’s how baseball go and right now, it’s going better than we could possibly expect given all of the adversity that has hit. I love it!

True. Watching Martinez stepping up, Tepesh doing his thing, and Odur up and proving himself, it’s been pretty exciting

And Sardinas has been a pleasant surprise given his age. If he and Odor continue playing well there will be some interesting decisions to make this winter and some interesting competition next spring. Read a quote from Wash that they had more talent than Profar but Profar had that “it” factor. Both those youngsters need to get their OBP up some though to be long term solutions. But at their age that could happen. Downside here is having to use them this year has started their free agency clock running.

I understand and do not disagree. I just did not feel either of the last 2 years, especially last year the team was a player away. Did not feel Garza was that much better than whomever he was going to push out of rotation and too much given up for just a rental. The team this year has played well considering the adversity but realistically are not a player or pitcher away. So hoping for this year they will sit tight , let the young kids show what they can do, and let the next wave get a year closer. I want to see Alfaro in a Ranger uniform some day. And I want to see Gallo taking the baton from Beltre in a couple years if he can get his strikeouts and errors down. I want to see Luke Jackson on the mound here. Our payroll keeps going up but we are not near the threat to win it all we were in 2010 and 2011. I am excited about what may be on the way just as I was about Davis, Olt, and Ramirez. I might be interested in seeing Smardga here but only if they can get permission to talk to him and secure at least a 2 year extension first. No 2-3 month rentals this year.

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