Harrison talks about his back situation

Matt Harrison spoke to the media on Friday about his back injury. Here is some of what he said…

It was something I already knew that was there when I had my surgery last year … The vertebrae has shifted more when I went to see him the other day than it was last year. It’s going to put me in the position where either I deal with it or I have the surgery and get it fused together and try to make a comeback from that. It’s going to be even tougher than it was this last time. I’m willing to give it a try but right now I’m just still trying to wrap my head around what’s going on at this point in time and trying not to let it sink in that it may have been my last game. Just trying to stay positive as much as I can and take it day to day and then find out what I really want to do. But I can’t obviously go out there and pitch the way I was last time with this stuff going on. My back’s still hurting from the other day and still having, I’m having some pain now down my leg and a lot of weakness there. So obviously it’s not something that I can pitch with right now.

On making decision to have surgery:

I haven’t really yet. I know they sent some information over to Dr. Watkins just to look over, too and see if he can see anything different. They’ve been on the same page pretty much with all the procedures that’s happened so far so we’ll see what happens.

I’m gonna have a few days here when they go on the road to sit down and actually talk about it more with my wife and the rest of my family and see what they think about it and go from there. It’s just a tough situation. I hate it … I’d give every dollar back just to be the way I was in 2012 again. It’s just tough to swallow the way things have gone this past year and a half and things that are happening right now.

On possibly coming back too ambitiously:

I don’t think so. We knew the risk was a little bit more because of the issue I have … We did everything possible. There were setbacks during the whole rehab process, but we took our time, and especially when I had setbacks we pushed it back even farther. Usually it’s a three and a half, four month deal and you’re back. And it took me a year to get back. I don’t think we did anything wrong, it’s just, my back’s not cooperating with what needed to be done.

Trying to play again and long term goals:

Obviously your health is most important but I know there’s guys that have come back before. Not every one of them had been able to play again. I’m gonna give that a shot if I end up having to get the surgery. But if I come back and things are the same or worse than they were before, then it’s obviously not worth the risk because I’d end up damaging more of my spine and end up having more serious surgeries from that point on so it’s really not worth me being 29 years old and not being able to walk.


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