Harrison, Perez get bad news…possibly out for year

The Rangers got a huge double whammy on Wednesday

Martin Perez has a partial tear of a ligament in his left elbow. He could need Tommy John surgery and be out for a year. The other option would be to rehab the elbow and return in 10-12 weeks. He is considering the options but he won’t be returning anytime soon.

Matt Harrison has more back problems and may need more surgery. He does not have a herniated disc but does have severe nerve irritation in his vertebra that could require serious surgery. It would be spinal fusion surgery and the odds of coming back are not good.

Nick Martinez will replace Harrison in the rotatin. Miles Mikolas has been called up to pitch out of the bullpen.

In a franchise steeped in disasterous pitching injuries, this could be the Rangers darkest hour ever as far as bad news.


You know, I feel very bad for Martin Perez and Matt Harrison. Especially since Harrison’s career is in extreme jeopardy. But, as far as the outlook for the team goes, it’s time to see what this organization is made of. We’ve heard the plan of depth and resiliency. This is the team’s greatest test. Let’s see what they’ve got. The A’s have had some pretty bad pitching luck too but they seem to always be able to plug someone in for the fix. It’s time for the Rangers and prove themselves in the tough times. Let’s be patient as this is a long season and this is still a good team. Maybe we the fans should be a little more resilient too. It’s not the end of the world and it’s definitely not the end of the season. Hang on folks, we’ve it a bit of turbulence. BTW, what has happened to everybody? This blog used to be so active but everyone seems to have disappeared. Was everyone fair weather band wagoner’s?

How much longer can the rangers expect to remain a so called contender by purging all their great players and picking up mediocrity. Jon daniels should be replaced He is obviously in over his head The red sox and tigers are doing great with the ex rangers!!!!!!

What’s the chance to make a trade for Tampa Bay’s Price and what cost. Probably won’t be available until July.


I think Price’s price is too high. It’s time for our farm system to be more than trade bait.

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