Kouzmanoff called up. Seth Rosin designated for assignment

The Rangers, who are without third baseman Adrian Beltre, have called up Kevin infielder Kouzmanoff from Triple A Round Rock. To make room, they have designated pitcher Seth Rosin for assignment. Beltre has gone back to Texas to have his left quad muscle examined.

The Rangers have no new information but are obviously bracing for the possibility Beltre will need time on the disabled list.

Rosin, a Rule 5 pick, has to go through waivers and then be offered back to the Phillies.


Kousmanoff in place of Beltre makes sense; Rosin going away instead of
McCutchen – not so sure.

Agree with Jim’s comment. I’ve been impressed with Rosin’s potential. McCutchen, not so much. Then again, it’s not my neck on the line. Hope Wash is right.

Just watching Ross today … reminds of Holland a couple yrs ago. … says yes sir, no sir when Wash goes to the mound, and walks a bunch of batters due to immaturity. Loaded with talent; maybe he will eventually get that rat’s tail cut off and grow up. Then again, thinking of Holland, maybe not. Still today … Kouzmanoff is really still at the plate, similar to the old Alou brothers; love to watch him hit.

Got to complement Ogando; he had blazing stuff. Hope he gets committed to being a reliever.

Isn’t it time to enter the 21st century? What’s wrong with the home plate ump ANNOUNCING the balls and strikes – tonight’s ump was so bad. I watched the Boston feed on MLB, and I LOVE seeing the pitch tracker on every pitch – it enhances the game, and certainly shows how an umpire can change the outcome of a game with bad ball/strike calls.

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