Tepesch sent to Round Rock

The Rangers have sent pitcher Nick Tepesch to Triple A Round Rock where he will continue to be stretched out as a starter. Pitcher Jose Contreras has been told he will not make the team and is considering his options. Retirement is one.

The Rangers on Tuesday also sent back to the Minors pitchers Cory Burns, Miles Mikolas and Daniel Bard, catchers Patrick Cantwell and Brett Nicholas, infielders Kensuke Tanaka and Andy Parrino and outfielders Brad Snyder and Bryan Peterson.

Mike and Greg Maddux are also away from the team for a few days on family business.

Jurickson Profar is playing second base against the Royals. Adrian Beltre is not expected to play until Thursday with his tight left quad muscle still showing improvement


Disappointed with Tepesch’s last outing; didn’t appear that he was throwing with much velocity.

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