Last Call from the Desert…Fielder, Arencibia

— No Maryvale for Prince Fielder. The Rangers are playing a doubleheader on Tuesday with the first game against the Brewers in the Phoenix neighborhood of Maryvale. The second game is at home against the Cubs.

Prince Fielder is playing in the second game against the Cubs, missing out on a chance to face the Brewers. Fielder has yet to play a game against the Brewers since leaving as a free agent after the 2011 season.

“It doesn’t matter,” Fielder said. “Spring Training is about getting ready for the season. It doesn’t matter where you play. Plus we have a (Monday) night game so I’m not too upset about it.”

— J.P. Arencibia was 4-for-6 with a walk during seven plate appearances in Minor League games on Monday. The Rangers wanted him to get the extra at-bats to help get him going at the plate.

“It was good except for hitting a home run off my big toe,” Arencibia said. “I’m seeing the ball better. It was good. Everybody could use that in Spring Training. The more at-bats you get, the more comfortable you feel. Spring Training is a process. It’s a long process. There’s not any panic.”

— Jonathan Edwards struck out the only batter he faced pitching for the Rangers in the second inning on Monday night in relief of Matt Harrison. He is from Keller High School who was drafted by the Cardinals as an outfielder and is trying to make the switch to pitching. He was brought over from the Minor Leagues just in case an extra pitcher was needed for Monday’s game.

He said it

“I know the A’s have pitching. If Jarrod Parker goes down, it gives another player a chance. They have a ton of candidates. They know how to develop pitching. They have pitching and they always will. Just because they lost one pitcher doesn’t mean they’re going to fall apart.”

Rangers manager Ron Washington

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Edwards looked good. Big upper body guy with what seemed to be effortless delivery.

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