Last call from the desert..,Pennies from the Manager

desertThe Rangers were in Peoria on Sunday to play the Mariners and, before the game, manager Ron Washington recalled a previous trip there in 2011 when he was actually ejected from a Spring Training game.

Adrian Beltre was ejected first for yelling at the umpires from the dugout too. When that happened, Washington went out and told the umpires to quit listening to what was going on in the dugout. He was tossed as well.

“I lost my mind,” Washington said. “Beltre was yelling from the dugout, ‘it was outside,’ you know how he does. And the umpire threw him out of the game because he told Beltre to stop and Beltre didn’t stop.

“And then I went out there and argued with him and I said something I shouldn’t have said. Well, I said something I wanted to say, it’s not that I shouldn’t have said. I wanted to tell him that. And he rang me. No big deal. Not only did he ring me, I got fined because I didn’t leave the dugout. So I got double hit.”

Washington was fined $200 by Bob Watson, a friend who was a Vice-President with the Commissioner’s Office. Washington retaliated by paying the entire fine in pennies.

“I sent them $200 in pennies,” Washington said. “Bob called me up and I said, ‘Well, Bob, I didn’t have my checkbook.’ I wasn’t trying to be funny. ‘Now go to the bank and put that in the machine and get your $200.
“I took a big box to the bank and got $200 in pennies. Took the wrappers, ripped them off and put them all in the box. Cost about $45 to mail.”

— The Rangers decided first-round draft pick Alex Gonzalez was entitled to an inning in a Cactus League game. So Gonzalez, who made 14 starts after signing with the Rangers last season, pitched the eighth inning on Sunday against the Mariners.

Gonzalez took over with the Rangers leading 8-3. But he allowed three of four batters to reach base before being replaced by Cory Burns. The Mariners rallied for six runs and a 9-8 victory.

— Neal Cotts and Jason Frasor combined for two scoreless innings and struck out five of six batters faced.

— Rangers farm director Mike Daly said field coordinator Jayce Tingler came up with the idea of having college softball pitching legend Monica Abbott visit Minor League camp. Abbott put on a pitching exhibition Saturday.

— Said Daly, “Jayce’s Dad is a college softball coach in Kansas City and knew how good she is. Our entire organization benefited from having her out (Saturday). An easy going and affable person with tremendous talent and our players and staff enjoyed watching her pitch and were amazed by her ability.”

He said it

“I think he’ll hit even better at Rangers Ballpark than he did in Comerica. Comerica’s a big ballpark. From an offensive standpoint, he will definitely make them better. Look at his history. Check the book, his track record. It is what it is, and he’s going to do it every year.”
Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon on Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder

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