Last Call from the Desert…Neftali Feliz, Robbie Ross Jr. Derek Holland

desertNeftali Feliz made his third appearance in a Cactus League game on Saturday. He allowed a walk and single but did not allow a run. He has now had two scoreless appearances after allowing four runs in his first game and the intrasquad game.

His velocity was around 92-93 miles per hour although he hit 95 a couple of times.

“He’s throwing the ball well,” manager Ron Washington said. “He’s staying on top of the ball. His velocity will pick up. He’s healthy, now he has to build back up.”

Feliz opened the inning by walking Scott Schebler, an outfielder who was in Class A last year. Adrian Gonzalez, a more experienced hitter, worked the count full and lined out hard to left.

Andre Either then blooped a breaking ball into left field for a single with Schebler stopping at second. Feliz came back to get A.J. Ellis and Miguel Olivo on fly balls to right to end the inning.

“His velocity is up,” catcher J.P. Arencibia said. “The velocity is better and the ball is getting to me better. The arm strength is getting there little by little.”

— Robbie Ross is now Robbie Ross Jr. There is no great story behind it other than his father is also Robert Charles Ross. But dad goes by the name of Chuck while junior is Robbie. He just now wants getting the Jr. part out in public more: in the media guide and on the nameplate over his locker.

“I’ve always signed my name that way and I always wanted to go by Jr.,” Ross said. “I thought it would be cool to have my full name like that. It’s not a big deal.”

— Derek Holland is in camp. He showed up Saturday and opted to miss out on the Stars game on Saturday night when the club is retiring Mike Modano’s jersey. Holland is friends with Modano but he is off crutches and ready to be in Spring Training.

“For Modano’s game, I obviously wasn’t going to stay,” Holland said. “I wanted to be with my teammates, but I sent him a text message saying, ‘Congratulations, you had a heck of a career.’ He was a role model both on and off the ice. What he did in his career was outstanding and it’s something that people like myself want to do.”

He said it:

“I feel very comfortable. I’ve said this many times, I feel like I have been playing here for two or three years. This is my first year but I feel I have played with these guys for a long time. There is a lot of talking and joking going on.”
Shin-Soo Choo on his new teammates

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