Last call from the Desert…Nick Tepesch

desertThe Red Sox won the World Series last year. Pitcher Nick Tepesch could have been a part of it. The Red Sox took him in the 28th round of the 2007 draft. Tepesch didn’t sign. Instead he went to the University of Missouri and was drafted by the Rangers in the 14th round in 2010.

“I wanted to go to school,” Tepesch said. “I thought that was best for me. I wouldn’t change the decision I made for anything. Once I make a decision, I don’t try and look back and say, ‘What if?’”

— Prince Fielder was the seventh overall pick in the 2002 draft by the Brewers. That’s the highest any current player in camp was drafted. The Rangers have five other former first round picks in camp: Michael Choice (10th overall, 2010, Oakland), Brad Snyder (18th, 2003, Indians), Alex Rios (19th, 1999, Blue Jays), J.P. Arencibia (21st, 2007, Blue Jays) and Daniel Bard (28th, 2006, Red Sox).

The Rangers don’t have any of their own first round picks in camp but they do have two compensation picks: pitchers Colby Lewis (38th overall, 1999) and Tanner Scheppers (44th, 2009).

Latest round draft pick in camp? Outfielder Jim Adduci was a 42nd round pick by the Marlins in 2003. Pitcher Jason Frasor was a 33rd round pick in 1999 by the Tigers.

— Manager Ron Washington on outfielder Michael Choice: “Barrels the ball up, right center, left center, good approach. He’s getting better in the outfield with Gary (Pettis) too so he’s been doing well. Do it as Michael Choice, don’t try to do it as being an impressionist. The game just doesn’t come together when you try to do that. Do it like Michael Choice and everything will be fine.”

— Washington on the Rangers situational hitting: “Our weakness the past couple of years going down the stretch has been situational hittng. Having runners in scoring position with less than two and not being able to get them home. Having runners at second base with nobody out and haven’t been able to move them. Having runners with the infield in and not being able to get the ball to the outfield. Having the infield back and not being able to play pepper with the middle of the infield. Those are the little things that killed us the past two years.

“Yeah, our offense went stale, but if we could have executed in those situations, it would have made a big difference, especially against the Oakland Athletics. Look back at the games we played against Oakland and the opportunities we had just to execute. I’m not talking about getting doubles and triples, just to execute that we didn’t and we left runners out on the bag when the game was over made a difference. Look.”

He said it

“I was never big on Spring Training. I always liked Spring Training for the golf.”

Former pitcher Darren Oliver

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