Last call from the Desert….Situational hitting fun

desertElvis Andrus couldn’t stop talking Friday about his team’s victory over Adrian Beltre’s squad in the first situational hitting contest held Thursday afternoon. The two sides have two more contests between them but the loser will have to buy lunch for the entire camp.

“We’re really good,” Andrus said. “We’re going to continue to dominate.”

There are six players on a team and each hitter gets points for executing a situational-hitting fundamental. Thursday’s contest emphasized hit-and-run and getting runners over. Andrus dominated the event, helping his team to an eight-point lead. Apparently that’s not an overwhelming margin.

“The game is not over,” Beltre said. “We’ve got them exactly where we want them. They are in trouble.”

The two squads are made up of the infielders. There is also a team of outfielders and one for the catchers. But the big bet is only between the infield teams. Andrus said there’s no use waging a bet with the outfielders or the catchers.

“That would be too easy,” Andrus said.

“We’re making it fun,” Beltre said. “We’ve got to get this done so we’re making a game of it.”

— Alex Rios on Adrian Beltre: “He’s a leader, someone we appreciate a lot. But we don’t have one leader, we have a bunch of people who can step up when leadership is needed. One of things this team has is a bunch of leaders who can help the team move forward without being stuck on something. But he’s someone we definitely appreciate.”

— The Rangers will have three Spring Training games on the MLB Network: March 6 against the Padres; March 7 against the Dodgers and March 19 against the Brewers.

He said it

“We have a good group of guys. It’s a lot different than it used to be. It’s weird not seeing the usual faces out there but it’s great. It will be fun seeing how it goes this season.”

Pitcher Robbie Ross on the massive turnover in personnel the past two seasons.

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