Last call from the Desert: Ron Washington’s speech

desertRangers manager Ron Washington always gives his team a speech before the first full-squad workout. Here is a review of Thursday’s speech from new Rangers pitcher Tommy Hanson…

“Absolutely it pumped me up,” Hanson said. “I was ready to go right there and play somebody. It was probably the best clubhouse speech I’ve ever heard.”

So what did Washington say?

“It went well,” Washington said. “It was just about health, staying healthy, execution of fundamentals and being serious about baseball.

“This one was quite easy. I had a chance to explain what Texas Rangers baseball is like: execution, situational hitting, do what the game asks you to do and being a family. If execution was easy, everybody would do it. It’s not that easy so you have to stay on top of it

“I think he’s just cool, he’s down to earth and he just lets you be yourself,” Prince Fielder said. “All he wants you to do is play hard. Anytime a manager does that, it’s always easy, and he lets you kind of police yourself and go out there and play hard every day, it’s really that easy.”

— Shin-Soo Choo is expected to address the media for the first time on Friday. Both the South Korean and Japanese media have a sizable presence here in camp for Choo and Yu Darvish.

— The Rangers have intrasquad games scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

— Weather? Partly cloudy and highs in the 80’s for the next nine days.

He said it

“I knew he had a little fun. I wasn’t around him a lot, played against him a lot. When you get to see a guy every day, you learn more about him. He’s funny,I like him. So it’s cool so far”

Prince Fielder on new teammate Adrian Beltre

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